Russian military attaché expelled from Belarus for espionage

Russian military attaché  Roman Spiridonov was expelled from Belarus for espionage, reports news outlet.

The publication writes that Roman Spiridonov “is not a diplomat at all.” His main task is intelligence activities.

“However, he doesn’t carry out his functions professionally, because his track record already has a high-profile failure – his expulsion from France, also on charges of espionage,” the newspaper writes.

This is not the first incident this year, connected to the representatives of the Russian diplomatic sector. In the spring, the former head of the security of President Alexander Lukashenko was arrested, several high-ranking security officials were detained, and at the same time, Russian Ambassador Mikhail Babich was expelled (officially recalled) from Belarus.

“As usual, Moscow is trying to save its face, as in the case of Babich, stating that Spiridonov finished his mission in Minsk,” notes the publication.



  1. As is normal, while standing hips deep in manure, Pootlerstan will with a straight face deny stepping in shit.

  2. The question is, if Belarus knew this guy had been expelled from France, why did they allow him into the country in the first place. Kind of like asking the fox to guard the hen house.

    • With pretty similar historical, cultural and economic features, Belarus and Russia are two different states. The independent states with their own names, languages, history, and nations
      At the moment, Belarus and Russia are in the Union State that was founded to promote greater political, economic, and social integration. Besides, the countries have only a formal border that is not subject to customs checks or duty thanks to the Union State treaty and the Eurasian Union.

  3. Expelling Ruskies from your country is never a bad idea, especially when the sludge has Ruskie governmental functions.

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