Parliament fails to pass crucial anti-graft measures

The Verkhovna Rada on Oct. 4 failed to remove major obstacles for criminal investigations and to fully eliminate lawmakers’ immunity from prosecution.

It came at a stark contrast with the parliament’s swift rulings of previous weeks, when President Volodymyr Zelensky’s party was able to single-handedly pass dozens of bills a day.

For instance, on Sept. 3 the parliament lifted lawmakers’ immunity from prosecution, implementing a groundbreaking constitutional change that has been promised for over two decades.

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  1. The Servant of the people reverting back to type, no way will any of them ever get prosecuted. You can’t blame anyone else Ze, your party rules the roost. Bogdan went berserk last week when one of Zelensky’s bills didn’t get enough votes, been very quiet about this one.

    • Looks that way. Can’t wait to here his BS excuse. Either he has no control over his party, or he ordered them not to pass it.

      • Maidan gave democracy in Ukraine a lot of momentum. It looks like it is continuing, thank God. Even new MP’s from the Servant party will not tolerate being treated like puppets for long. Looks like that episode is finished.

        • Yeah the layers are being stripped off Ze as we speak, more and more we are getting down the the Russian core.

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