Communist Party of Ukraine addresses open letter to the Ukrainian and Russian peoples

UKRAINE’S Communist Party published an open letter to the peoples of Ukraine and Russia yesterday, warning against the rise of fascism and of bids by the ruling elites in each country to turn their populations against one another.

Citing Julius Fucik, the Czechoslovak communist martyr hanged by the nazis in 1943, and his warning – “people, be careful!” – the party’s central committee urged a “co-ordinated struggle against the forces of neofascism, territorial nationalism and anti-communism” and for “a voice of protest against Russophobia and Ukrainophobia.”

It blamed media in both countries for pitting one populace against another and warned of “distortion and blackening of the history of Ukrainian-Russian friendship.”

After 2014’s US and EU-backed Maidan coup, “citizens of Ukraine themselves experienced what neofascism and neonazism are,” it said.

Since the coup, Ukraine has banned the Communist Party from participating in elections (in the last free elections it received over 13 per cent of the vote), outlawed communist symbols and torn down thousands of Soviet-era monuments, including those to Red Army soldiers killed fighting the nazi occupation. It has also rehabilitated nazi collaborators such as Stepan Bandera, whose Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists murdered hundreds of thousands of Jews and Poles as part of the Holocaust.

Despite “neofascists burning down Communist Party offices in Kiev and the regions, more than 400 criminal cases filed against our members and neonazis beating up our comrades because we stand for peace in the Donbass and non-aligned status for Ukraine rather than turning it into a flaming bridgehead for Nato on the Russian border,” the party still maintained a membership of 40,000 “ideologically persistent fighters, ready for further battles for social justice, freedom and the brotherhood of workers and nations,” it declared.

(c) Morning Star


  1. The Morning Star are 20 years too late with this story. The fascist state of Muscovy already exists. Ukraine has no right wing politicians in Rada, none of them passed the threshold. They also whine about Commie symbols being banned, but never mention Nazi symbols are also banned in Ukraine.

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  2. Good one. If the russian nazis would not have invaded/stolen ukrainian territory, would not have looted, tortured and raped locals – there may still be a realistic chance of improving relations. But a brute rabid beast like Putin and his mercenaries only understand diplomacy with blood stains. So, fuck off!

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