Zelensky states necessity to elaborate strategy on Crimea, Donbas de-occupation

21:19, 2 October 20191100

The concept should include measures on the reparation to the victims of war, prosecution of guilty due to commitment of grave crimes

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky stated about the necessity to elaborate the concept of transitional justice to overcome the consequences of the armed conflict in Donbas and the achievement of peace as President’s Office reported.

“It should include measures on the reparation to the victims of war, prosecution of guilty due to commitment of grave crimes, implementation of right for getting to the truth about the course of events of the conflict,” he noted.

Zelensky also stated the necessity of the presence of the strategy of the de-occupation of temporarily occupied territories of Crimea and east of Ukraine, their return under control of Ukraine and the re-integration of population.

“These are the answers for hard questions: what the life of a person after the restoration of the control over Crimea and occupied parts of east of the state to be; the principles and forms of the responsibility and in some cases release from it, for cooperation with occupation authorities,” the president noted.

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  1. These are better words than his usual output. But he needs to be far more forceful about the true nature of the perpetrators a vast litany of crimes of a savagery comparable only with the fiends of isis.

    • The charitable way is to credit him for being as devious as putler and assume he is expediting a plan that is so cunning that you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel. On the other hand, he could be expediting a ‘long firm’ con trick on the Ukrainian people on behalf of the tiny poisoner. Jury’s still out.

      • He’s not gonna solve a thing. The Crimea is excluded from the Minsk deal. Free elections in Donbas? After half a decade of brainwashing? And will the separatist scum then be sitting in the Rada? The only solution would be a military victory over the scum, wiping the streets with their muzzles, cargo 200. A peace ‘Zelensky style’ will destroy Ukraine in the long run.

        • Tend to agree. Such a victory is certainly achievable. But at least in the short term, would require air and sea support from the Budapest signatories. Plus limited ground support too. Defensive capabilities would need to be dramatically ramped up: firstly: a state of the art air defence infrastructure, secondly: a massive consignment of javelins, thirdly: cutting edge jamming systems to disrupt the enemy’s communications, fourthly: a militarised propaganda campaign aimed at Russia, fifthly: cyber warfare defence to prevent the enemy targeting nuclear power stations and six: a fair bit of luck.

  2. Only one strategy is needed, get Russia to remove their holidaymakers, and secure control of the border before anything else. Stick to that, and tell Putin, it’s that or nothing. Ukraine’s future is more important than your popularity.

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