Ukraine wants to introduce road fees for foreigners

Ukraine is planning to introduce road fees for foreigners, Ukrainian Infrastructure Minister Vladyslav Krykliy has said.

“We are planning to introduce paid travel on Ukrainian roads for foreigners. After all, they do not always buy excise taxes, and it is not entirely fair for our motorists who pay the excise duty. For example, a large foreign-registered truck with a full tank of fuel arrives in Ukraine. It travels a thousand kilometers on our roads and pays nothing for that. So we will be planning a mechanism, and we hope that deputies will support it,” he said during a working meeting in Mykolaiv on Wednesday.

Krykliy also added that it was planned to receive additional funds from the state budget for 2020 for Ukrainian roads.

“If we want to realize the ambitious goal of repairing 24,000 kilometers of roads within five years, then in addition to the road fund, we also need to receive funds from the general fund. There are resources for that,” the minister said.

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