Ukraine’s government estimates costs to rebuild Donbas: Two annual budget won’t be enough

Talks are being held with international partners to raise funds under infrastructure projects. REUTERS

Ukrainian Infrastructure Minister Vladyslav Kriklii says that two annual budgets of the Infrastructure Ministry will not be enough to rebuild infrastructure in frontline areas in Donbas, eastern Ukraine. “This is a lot of money. It’s not even one annual budget or even two annual budgets,” he told Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty’s Ukrainian service in an interview. Read also Russia-led forces neither withdraw members on duty nor remove fortifications near Stanytsia Luhanska “We need to talk about broader horizons. Because, for example, a bridge in Zaporizhia [costs] about UAH 14 billion – UAH 15 billion (US$578.7 million – US$620 million). But the entire Road Fund has UAH 74 billion (US$3.06 billion),” he said. According to him, if the government had decided to finance all this from the Road Fund alone, then only one bridge would have cost 20% of it. In this regard, the Ukrainian side is in talks with international partners on the financing of infrastructure projects, he added.

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