US Eastern European Command to move from Germany to Poland

Polish Minister of National Defense Mariusz Błaszczak said in an interview to Polish radio that the command of American troops on NATO’s Eastern flank will move to Poland.

The US and Poland recently signed a Joint Declaration on Defense Cooperation. The document states that the parties confirmed the planned increase of the number of US troops in Poland by a thousand people (currently 4.5 thousand soldiers). The parties also agreed on the places in Poland, where the American troops will be stationed. Poznan is defined as the location of the headquarters of the divisional command and the support group of the US army.

“The American commander will lead the US troops both in Poland and in the Eastern flank of Europe from Poznan,” said Błaszczak.

“This means that there will be a high-rank military center located in Poland. American forces will not be commanded from Germany, as until now, but from Poland,” Błaszczak added.

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  1. Tank battalion in Lithuania, more U.S. soldiers and Eastern European Command stationed right on Russian border.
    A not so subtle message for Putin.

      • We all hope for the return of the Donbass and Crimea to Ukraine.
        I was completely disgusted when Trump said ” I hope that Ukraine and Russia can work this out”
        Are you fucking kidding me ?
        This statement shows a complete lack of understanding of the situation.

          • Yeah, this recent business of the extortion of Ukraine for his political purposes was the last straw for me.
            I supported him because China’s trade practices needed to be dealt with and he was the only one who could accomplish this.

            The United States government does not engage in organized crime methods such as extortion.
            If we did ,we would be no better than our adversaries.

            • The problem for Ukraine is, the extortion came from both sides. Biden bragged about withholding the billion in loan guarantees for Ukraine and Trump insisted on Zelensky continuing to prosecute the Ukrainian gas company.

              • Yes, I am completely disgusted with the way that Ukraine has been used for political purposes in the United States.
                This is why I believe that Trump should be held accountable.

  2. Biden and Trump screwing in Ukraine pollyticks. Bad shit as it gives credence to troll claims that the US is the instigators of all this. As if Ukraine does not have enough troubles on their own without big wheel American interests sticking their nose or dikk in the shit pie, for their own benefit. Biden appears to have been following dictated policy while it appears Trump was looking ut for his own benefits.

  3. The US already has an Armored Brigade and Aviation Brigade with 12 Apaches. a cavalry squadron.(light armored battalion).
    Also a forward deployment storage base for a second Armored Brigade is being built. The vehicles stored in Germany, A mechanized Brigade and an artillery brigade are being over hauled and modernized.
    Each forwrd deployed brigade brigade can be

    In a few years the US will have a full Armored Division in Europe once again which should have never left in the first place.

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