President’s spokesperson pushes journalist away during asking question to Zelensky

The president has not responded to the incident yet

Yulia Mendel, the Spokesperson of Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky attacked a journalist who tried to ask a question to the president as journalist Mykhailo Tkach reported on Facebook.

Mendel started to push the journalist away when Volodymyr Zelensky came to the building.

“Who can explain in which civilized country of the world a spokesperson of the president allows herself such actions when the journalist wants to ask question to top officials! What do you call this?! Freedom of speech?! At the moment when I was elected to the council on freedom of speech under president, I have seen these pictures. It is possible to create even dozens of councils but president should begin with himself and to be the example of how to treat the mass media,” Tkach wrote.

According to the video, Zelensky did not respond to the incident and ignored the question of the journalist.

On September 26, the National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting revoked digital broadcasting licenses from 112 Ukraine TV Channel.

The International Editorial Board of 112 Ukraine considered the decision of the regulator to be biased and politically motivated, which cause further pressure on the rights of the journalists and restriction of the freedom of speech in Ukraine.

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