Pompeo: US striving to help Ukraine end corruption

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says that the United States seeks to strengthen cooperation in bilateral relations with Ukraine, including to help President Zelensky end corruption in the country.

“We have tried to use this opportunity to create a better relationship between the United States and Ukraine, to build on the opportunities, to tighten our relationship, to help end corruption in Ukraine,” Pompeo said at a press briefing in New York where he participates in the 74th session of the UN General Assembly, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

He emphasized that President Zelensky paid great attention to combating corruption.

“We’re hopeful that we can help him execute and achieve that. It’d be a good thing for Ukraine; it’d be a good thing for Europe,” U.S. Secretary of State said, adding that the United States also supports Ukraine in countering Russian aggression.

“The State Department has been working tirelessly to try and achieve that objective,” Pompeo noted.

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  1. The EU has not produced an audited set of accounts for years. That is because it is crawling with corrupt scum like Jean Claude Juncker. Trump, unlike other US presidents, has not produced a tax return. In Britain, we allow the leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition to be a person who previously was employed as a paid shill not only for Iran’s propaganda channel, but for the greatest global hate and lies dispensary since Goebbells: RaT. France is so corrupt that its media is not allowed to report on its rulers’ corrupt activities. Germany is so corrupt that its senior politicians are allowed to work for criminal Russian entities such as Gazprom. Indeed, Gerhard Schroeder described putler as a ‘flawless democrat’. Puke!
    And these people have the nerve to bang on about Ukraine; still reeling from putler’s savage blows, needing help with corruption? They need help to remove the occupier as the first, second and third priority.

      • The whole world has become corrupt. It has never been as bad as is today. And the worst is that many don’t even hide it, they are laughing at the ordinary folks instead. A corrupt West can’t heal the corrupt East, they can only fusion… i think they already did…

        Anyway, i’ll have some fresh air now and a cigarette… 😊

        • The problem with fighting corruption, it has to be done from the top down. Throwing a few lambs to the slaughter will never combat corruption. I don’t know if corruption is as bad now as it’s ever been, I suspect it always went on, but with the age of the internet, it’s harder to hide corruption.

    • Fighting corruption in Ukraine has taken a setback. Zelensky changed the laws to allow shadow companies that launder money, the oligarchs have returned from Mordor, and many have several passports which is against the law. The stench of soviet corruption lingers in Ukraine and until they are returned to Putler’s Mordor it will continue.

  2. Good piece.
    ‘The European Parliament could make a start by publishing the details of how every euro of taxpayers’ money given to members of the European Parliament (MEPs) to spend on staff, travel, and other allowances is spent—full details of payments to every MEP’s assistant, salary, and expenses and to outside firms or contractors paid to provide services of any sort to MEPs.’
    Right on. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Those fucks of course eat and drink in the finest restaurants every night at the expense of the taxpayers. Holidays, villas, expensive whores, cars and every imaginable luxury items are all available to them. And at the end they have a truly gargantuan pension to look forward to. There is so much money swilling around that they can afford to splash it anywhere that benefits their cause. No doubt many of the remainer MP’s are beneficiaries too. But just like the rancid putler regime, it’s hard to predict when it will all turn to shit. Hope springs eternal though.

    • Once Brexit finally goes through, 73 British MEP’s will be thrown off the gravy train, including trash like Farage, Nathan Gill etc.

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