Danyliuk Resigns As NSDC Secretary – Presidential Office

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC), Oleksandr Danyliuk, has resigned.

Press service of the Presidential Office has written this on Facebook, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

Danyliuk wrote respective resignation statement before President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s visit to the United States.

According to the report, Zelenskyy will consider it after his arrival in Kyiv.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on May 28, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy appointed Danyliuk as the NSDC secretary.

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      • I had quite a discussion with Focusser on a Euromaidanpress article. Now i think i was wrong. Seems Zelensky, Putin and Trump made a secret deal. ALARMA!

        • Secret? Putin and Zelensky, maybe, but the American media would never allow Trump to do anything secretly. Having said that, Trump has said North and South Korea should work things out, India and Pakistan over Kashmir, Afghanistan and the Taliban, and Ukraine/Russia. I’m still waiting for the American sanctions for the kidnapping of 24 Ukrainian sailors…oh wait…..;)

          • Why are you so loyal to Trump? Of 2 million muslims less than 20k were deported, he keeps praising dick-tators like Putin. He insulted Johnny Mac and forced Nikki to resign. I really like you and your lovely wife, but your blind support for Trump collides with Ukraine’s interests…

            • I think you should read my post again bro. I am criticizing him that he’s leaving negotiations to these parties instead of insisting on American interests here. America has been a beacon of freedom to dark places for many years. Perhaps Kashmir he could stay out of, but certainly not the invasions of Ukraine and Georgia. Insulting McCain was retarded and I cringe every time I hear it. But I am pragmatic and realistic. If Hillary was president now, I’m convinced Putler would have his land corridor from Rostov to Transnistria. I thought Trump would have learned his lesson by now about Putler and his lies. I see him doing things to hurt the Moskali in the background but then saying he’s sure Zelensky and Putin can work things out? Without Trump standing behind him in an M1 Abrams, that’s not going to happen and it borders insanity.

                • Its too bad we don’t have a Churchill at this point in time. But we also need to remember even Churchill got chased out of office earlier in his career. Funny what retrospect can do during the course of history. Trump has NO problem calling Iranians liars but he just can’t do it to Putin. I’d give anything to know why.

                  • Churchill spent most of the 1930’s (known as his ‘wilderness years’) warning about the rise of fascism and the urgent need to re-arm. For his pains he was rewarded with a bombardment of hate and ridicule. He went to America and got a similar response. (This great Englishman was actually half American). There were prominent nazi sympathizers there like Henry Ford and a communist sympathizer in the WH. There was no way that FDR was going to help us while we were opposed to his friend Stalin. Only when Japan attacked did he finally respond and even then only with Stalin as an ally. If Churchill had been in power in 1936 and they both mobilized immediately, the invasions of Sudetenland and Poland would have been prevented. Instead, FDR remained neutral until he expedited lend-lease, but not until 1941, under conditions very unfavorable to Britain and under the control of Stalin’s inside man; Harry Hopkins. The GOP at that time was even less supportive to Britain! FDR gave Russia today’s equivalent of $127bn without any expectation of repayment. In contrast Britain was still paying 50 years later!

                    • Don’t forget JD Rockefeller selling a delivering oil of Nazi Germany even after the US became involved in the war in Europe. Had to deliver covertly before being shut down. Very similar to that Iran oil ship that the UK seized and had to release. Changed its name somewhere in the travels. Eventually made port to deliver its load in Syria.

              • Yup, Clinton was bad news. Still undecided on the lesser of two evils there. Kind of like hoping to take the winner of womens mud wrestling home, when they were in a manure pile.

            • Way I see it, insulting Johnny Mac or his memory is close to treason charge for Trumpet!
              Did the draft board do a medical to determine Don Donny actually had bonespurs, or did someone quietly put the grease in their pocket? I question whether Bonespurs had treatment and what that would involve. Could an xray show signs of bonespurs and surgery for that in the past?

          • Quite a few sanctions are piled up on Trump’s desk. The sanctions from hell, Nord Stream 2, the 24 sailors. No wonder Muscovy are not worried about breaking international laws, especially when the EU would sooner bow and scrape to the bastard instead of nailing his ass to the floor.

          • Who knows for certain what is stashed in that encripted server, Trumpy has been having them secure his conversations. My money says there is enough dirt in there to clean out the WH.
            That said, the Dems have a powder keg up their arses also with a fuse looking for a match.

            • The conversations of the president with foreign leaders have always been classified. It shouldn’t be any different with Trump. I would LOVE to see transcripts between Obama and Putin, especially about the Crimea!

                  • Of course it’s an Obama mess, but you are avoiding the main point of the interview. For the first time in history, an American president is actually justifying, in effect endorsing a fascist power taking sovereign territory by force. Did you think you would ever see such a disgusting and despicable thing in your lifetime?

                    • Endorsing? Not quite. But his advisers are sorely lacking for sure. The majority of Crimeans certainly don’t want to stay with Russia. Somebody sold him on the language thing….which is the KGB m.o. and ignorant and shameful. I hope he’s learned something since then.

                    • It was a de facto endorsement redders old chap. I’m afraid he has indeed learned precisely nothing since that time, as the Volker comments prove. You saw what Volker heard Trump saying about Ukraine? Trump hates Ukraine. Giuliani is just one of what is now a huge list of filthy putinoids that have been hired by Trump. You don’t need me to list them, you must know them off by heart. Trump has some policies that we can all agree with, but his policy on Ukraine/Russia is indescribably bad. We know partly where his loyalty to putler lies: huge Russian investment into the family business. Don Jr even boasted about it. Whether putler also holds kompromat on him has yet to be confirmed, but it is highly likely. But Trump has done terrible damage to Ukraine in America. You only have to read hardcore Trump sites such as Breitbart, Gateway Pundit and many, many others to see how the land lies. Formerly normal GOP supporters are spitting hate about McCain and other anti-putler figures and you will see endless glorification of fuehrer putler. There is a site for vets called a Military veterans of disqus, now called something else and given birth to many others. Time after time you will see in comments genuine military vets insulting Ukraine and glorifying putler. This is ALL the fault of Trumpkov. Ukraine’s reputation is in tatters and putler continues to get favorable treatment in American media; especially in pro-Trump outlets.

                    • I’m not sure about the significance of your observation on certain websites, Scradje. Most posters are russian trolls. Trump sent lethal arms – unlike Obama, who only sent blankets – as he is strengthening Nato in Poland and the Baltic States, they even renamed a street near the Russian embassy into Nemtsov street or avenue. Like Red said, Trump is surrounded by shitty people and poor advisors, mainly pro-Putin/FSB-controlled shitters. It is them who always cause him trouble and embarrassment. It is too easy to convince Trump of many things, since he totally lacks experience. This lead to him constantly firing people. He’s getting paranoid, sadly now obviously towards Ukraine. It’s a mess. A novice should never be US president in the first place. But as long as the voters prefer Trump and Hillary over great guys like Ted Cruz and Wesley Clark, and people like Boehner prefer cigars and wine over a presidency – the shit will only get worse!

                    • Re the trolls: I wish it were so Mike. No doubt some kremtrolls have acquired sufficient skills to mimic Americans and Americanisms, but sadly most people trolling for putler on the sites I mentioned are home-grown ‘useful idiots’. (Its the same in Britain, only the main trolls are kremkippers) You can see on the vets sites that the commenters really are US military vets.
                      I posted a magnificent article yesterday; one of the very best I have ever read on the topic, written by a US combat veteran named Nolan Peterson, for the Daily Signal. The commenters underneath are 100% genuine. They are typical of the sociopathic misfits that haunt Breitbart with their putinoid shit. There were good commenters there too of course. In fact I invited one to our site.
                      As for Trump’s actions on Ukraine, I am 99% certain that everything that the US government had done for them is in spite of, not because of Trump. For Trump’s real opinion of Ukraine see focuser’s post : ‘Brian Bonner: Volker quits, hopefully not quietly.’

                    • Trump’s real opinion… i doubt he has an opinion at all when it comes to foreign policy. During his phone conversation with Zelensky he did not sound very anti-Ukraine. He also personally opposes Nordstream 2, he even insulted Merkel over it. He cancelled F-35 deliveries to Turkey, again – personally. He certainly has some Russia connections, but so has Zelensky. I think it’s too early to call Trump a russian puppet. I took notice of your troll comment. Yes, some seem to be genuine septic tanks, but we should not forget that it is the russian trolls who brainwashed Trump supporters on the internet, as well as shitters like Jones did. We will see the truth sooner or later. If there’s any good in this, then that soon every American knows where Ukraine is, since she is famous now… 😂

                    • He has done some good things. I thought his UN speech was good and nailed key points. But then he will turn around the next day and crap the bed.

                    • Yup. My second problem with Trumpet was his lack of diplomacy skills. The first was The Apprentice. Getting your jollies firing someone is just wrong.

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