A little light relief….

Funny to see one of the pilgrims being interviewed and hear his sincere words coming out in a heavy Brooklyn accent!


  1. Uman has a large Jewish community, but is also home to Sofiyivka Park, which is named as one of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine. A beautiful place I recommend to any visitors to Ukraine.

    • Yes I too recommend it! Here is a comment I made on this topic a couple of days ago:
      This will be for the annual pilgrimage to the grave of Rebbe Nachman in Uman. It is a mixed blessing for the locals because they spend quite a lot but unfortunately some, although not all, behave badly, drink like lunatics and harass local girls. A friend of mine has a holiday home near there. It is an unremarkable town, but it has a spectacularly beautiful park and botanical garden which is maintained in excellent condition. I visited this lovely park some years back, not during the pilgrimage time, but nevertheless there were large numbers of these guys, in their 18th century dress, ringlets and big hats. They actually looked quite comical, which was enhanced because most appeared to be drunk and smoking cigarettes, which looked somewhat like a Benny Hill sketch! It should be also said that there is a tragic history there: the nazi invaders rounded up the entire, sizable Jewish population and murdered them, looting the bodies just like putler’s ghouls do today.

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