Zelenskyy Discusses With Lavrov Prospects For Resolving Situation In Donbas

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy during a visit to the United Nations General Assembly discussed with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov the prospects for resolving the situation in Donbas, with German Chancellor Angela Merkel – the date of the meeting of the leaders of the Normandy Format countries (Ukraine, Russia, Germany, France), and with U.S. President Donald Trump – assistance in this process.

He said this, answering journalists’ questions, after meeting with Trump in New York on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

Earlier, Russian media reported that on the evening of September 25, at a Trump reception at the UN, Lavrov initiated a brief conversation with Zelenskyy.

The Ukrainian side has not officially reported about such a conversation.

“Mr. Lavrov came up to me, said that he wants to meet and say that Russia really wants the war to end in Donbas. He congratulated me on the exchange in Donbas. I had a very short meeting. We stood in line. I said that if they are ready, then let’s end the war, give us our territories, exchange people. I said that I want to end the war in Donbas, stop the killing of our people, the military, our citizens,” Zelenskyy said.

With Merkel, he discussed the upcoming meeting of the leaders of the Normandy Format, but its date, according to him, has not yet been agreed.

“I want to thank Mrs. Merkel. She is really one of those who support Ukraine. In the Normandy process, this is very important for us. We talked with her about the date. The date has not been agreed,” the President said.

When asked if Zelenskyy had asked Trump at the meeting to join the Normandy Format, the head of state did not answer directly.

“I have repeatedly appealed to the United States, and for the first time personally, not by telephone, to Mr. Trump to join in resolving all our problems, ending the war and returning all our territories. But not so that now, when we are waiting for a meeting in the Normandy Format, he joined. Now we need for the first time in my political life to meet in the format that is. If it does not work and move, then we will attract,” he said.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on Wednesday, Trump released a transcript of a telephone conversation with Zelenskyy of July 25, where he asked him to investigate the closure of the case against former United States vice president Joe Biden’s son Hunter.

Also in the conversation, Trump and Zelenskyy agreed that Merkel’s support for Ukraine was insufficient.

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  1. “Mr. Lavrov came up to me, said that he wants to meet and say that Russia really wants the war to end in Donbas”.
    Sounds far-fetched to me. I would not trust a poisonous snake like Lavrov for even one second. But, good luck anyway.

    • Ah, but you must understand the language of the propagandist. By “really wanting the war to end” he means, “its time you give up because this occupation is expensive for us.”
      Besides that, Laughrov sounds pretty desperate considering he is “not party to the conflict.”

      • All Zelensky has to say. “Listen horseface, remove your terrorists back to the swamp, and the war will end in minutes.”

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