Zelensky about critics of European leaders: I told truth, thank you for help to Ukraine, but Nord Stream 2 carries threats to us

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has thanked the leaders of the European Union countries for helping Ukraine, but he believes the criticism directed at them during the phone call with U.S. President Donald Trump at the end of July is fair.

“I answer for every word I say. I thanked many times, I am thankful now. At the meeting with President Trump I said that I am grateful for any help to Ukraine from our European leaders, from Mrs. Merkel, from Mr. Macron, and from others. The conversation with Trump took place in a very difficult period, when Russia was returned to PACE, the sanctions did not have such strong pressure on the construction of Nord Stream 2, and I spoke about this with all the leaders that I mentioned in this conversation, or whom I didn’t mention,” he told reporters at a briefing in New York after his meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday.

Zelensky said that, for example, the decision to return the Russian Federation to PACE was not made under his presidency.”It was adopted by European countries, it seems to me, at the end of winter,” he said.

Zelensky said that he did not want to talk badly about anyone, and he was grateful to everyone who helps Ukraine. “But I told the truth, because Nord Stream 2 is a big threat to our energy security, because we can lose transit money, about $3 billion. And, in my opinion, Nord Stream is a kind of gradual lifting of sanctions. This is my personal vision, and I frankly speak about it. And thank you very much for the rest,” he said.

(c) Interfax


  1. Zelensky is 100% right about Merkel and Macron, and could have said a lot more about Macron fawning all over the little fascist, or Germany screwing Ukraine with Nord Stream.

    • Yes. I’m starting to warm towards him!
      Time Trump understood the truth about the EU: its leadership is pro-putler and so are its members, with the exception of Britain (soon to exit thank God), Poland, Pribaltika and ….. (drum roll for Mike!) Denmark. Therefore he needs to build a coalition of determined countries with integrity (obviously a very small one) with himself at the front, to deal with the putler menace.

      • I would add Slovakia and Norway to that list. They are mainly supportive of Ukraine. And thanx for not forgetting Denmark. 😇 I think we should focus on those who support Ukraine, not the pitiful rest. This could mean to replace Germany and France with Lithuania and the US in the Normandy Format, and rename it to D-day Format.

  2. Agreed!
    Slovakia has a new leftist president. I know nothing about her. Do you have info? Norway is not an EU member, but yes it is mildly pro-Ukraine and sort of vaguely anti-putler.

    • ‘Leftist’ does not really exist in Slovakia, similar to Denmark. I think she is supportive of Ukraine, but we have to wait and see. So far Slovakia was very supportive. We should also mention Czechia, although the president is a flip-flopper – they took almost 300.000 refugees from Ukraine.

      • Slovakia has a Social Democrat PM of Italian origin: Pellegrini. I know nothing about him. It has a Progressive president : Čaputová. I know nothing about her either. It’s safe to say it’s a leftist country at the moment. But Milos Zeman, president of Czechia, is a filthy, stinking putlerite. We used to get a good commenter from there: Czech-mate, but sadly we don’t see him anymore.

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