Trump-Zelenskyy meeting in New York


  1. I think Trump will get along fine with Zelensky. With Manafort he really shot himself in the foot, thus i hope a personal friendship between these two can move something. Dealing with a ukrainian buddy is way more fun than taking orders from a dumb arrogant asshole from Russia…

  2. I watched the whole video. It was an uncomfortable experience. It started out well with positive and supportive statements from Trump. But it quickly turned into a rant about the failings of Obama, Hillary, Nancy and the Dems in general. I thought Zel looked crestfallen when he saw what Trump’s priorities were and it got worse when he went into another rant about Mueller. At no point did Trump ever make the slightest criticism of putler. Instead he made a cringeworthy comment about ‘I think it will be very good for you and president putin to sit down together and solve the problem’. That was sickening : he is still attempting to paint a picture for American viewers of some sort of unfortunate misunderstanding between two countries with equal blame on both sides.

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