Canada’s Green Party admits editing photo of leader holding disposable cup

Now you see it, now you don’t.

The Green Party in Canada has admitted to using an image on their website of leader Elizabeth May drinking out of a reusable cup with a metal straw that actually was doctored with Photoshop. The image, which originally showed May using a disposable cup, was altered to use a different cup that displayed the Green Party logo, spokeswoman Rosie Emery told the National Post.

“All I know is that the original was photoshopped to put in a cup that had the Green Party logo,” Emery told the National Post.  The party spokesperson added that it’s not known why the straw was added but told the National Post it should not distract from the fact that May “walks her talk” regarding her stance on the environment.

In a statement on Tuesday, May said she is “completely shocked” to find out that the party had altered the image taken last year at the Sidney Street Market in Sidney, British Columbia. “My personal daily practice is to avoid single-use plastic items 100% of the time. I never drink from plastic water bottles. I always carry my own reusable coffee cup. I carry my own bamboo utensils,” May said. “I walk the talk every day.”

Last week, May launched the party’s 2019 election platform that placed emphasis on “progressive social and ecological policies,” such as billions for post-secondary education and elimination of poverty through a guaranteed liveable income.

Canada’s Green Party is calling for a transition off fossil fuels to protect the environment, including working to protect endangered species and water quality that involves a ban on single-use plastics.  The image, which is now cropped so you cannot see May’s hands, still remains on the Green Party’s website.

Canadians go the polls on Oct. 21 in what will be May’s fourth general election. “I hope that despite this misstep by well-meaning party staff (who hoped to brand the image with our logo), people can believe that in the original photo there is nothing I would have hidden,” May added.

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  1. I normally like to stick to topics related to Ukraine but I couldn’t help myself with this one. Daily from the Kremlin we get the “do as I say, not as I do” routine, so when I see it from other countries, especially those that are very friendly to Ukraine, I thought I would add it to spark conversation. Are plastic straws really going to end humanity or hasten the ruin of the planet? Does this lady walk to all her campaign events? How will she guarantee a minimum living wage to fight poverty if Canada ends the use of fossil fuels?

    • There is a connection to Ukraine via Russia. The head of the US Greens: Jill Stein, is a putler puppet. Since the 1960’s, the entire environmental movement has been a project of the kremlin and various strands of international Marxism. CND, Greenpeace, virtually all Green Parties, extinction rebellion etc are all watermelons (green outside, red inside). Modern Russia is still deeply involved, just as it is in everything bad. The Thunbergs are using their little troll to further the objectives of international Marxism. It’s a form of child abuse in her case. The following article shows that putler is highly likely to be funding US environmental groups:-

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