Who is Zelensky?

A man in favor of gambling and prostitution, a friend of them Israelis (mainly Russians) and Putin?

Zelensky is bringing back the filth which was unwelcome and unwanted since Maidan.

And do we know if the ‘whistleblower’ who wants to see Donald Trump impeached is not one of Zelensky’s men?

Zelensky is a danger. The sooner he is removed from power the better.

(C) 2019 Pravy Sektor Noviny


    • The thought did cross my mind during the election campaign and some of the odd things he has done since then would tend to reinforce that view. However, on balance, I don’t think he is a covert putinoid. But we do need to keep an eye on him!
      He comes from a Russian speaking area and is thought to ‘think like a Russian’. In other words, deviously; but that is a skill that is needed when dealing with a filthy fascist regime. However, we should remember that he has strong support even in the staunch Bandera-supporting western areas.

  1. The whistleblower is a member of the US intelligence community. It is not remotely in Zel’s interest, or Ukraine’s interest, for Trump to be impeached. If it did happen, the risk is that Ukraine could be shunned by both the GOP and the Dems; in other words another victory for putler.
    For some reason Biden Jr, with no known experience of the Ukraine energy market was appointed a director of a company that was and still is owned by a crook who shills for Russia’s fascist dictator. That should be investigated and was. But it appears that Biden Sr pressured the Porishenko administration to can the investigator, or face having financial support withdrawn at a time when Ukraine was reeling from Putin’s savage blows. So surely Biden Sr has much more to fear than Trump, who has at least provided some support to a friendly country that faces an existential threat from its evil neighbor.
    For those who are interested, the transcript of the Trump-Zel call can be found here:-

    • Oh, i thought the original leak came from Ukraine. I guess i read something that was not fully investigated. Anyway, compared to Petro and Yulia, you can feel a greater distance between the president and the people. This concerns me the most. He’s a little dictator.

    • I have read through this a few times, and if it is the full version of the call, then it doesn’t seem Trump did too much wrong. One thing is puzzling me, Trump asking Zelensky to investigate this Crowdstrike company. They are a US based company founded by a Russian, who is also CEO, one of the biggest shareholders is Alphabet inc, and we all know who runs that company. Everywhere you look, Russians are involved, not Ukrainians.

      • Agreed. I can’t see any grounds for impeachment there. Although a slyly clever democrat commentator I saw on the bbc framed it as Trump in the role of a Mafia Don saying : ‘that’s a nice little country you’ve got there. It would be a shame if something were to happen to it…..

  2. Makes sense. Trump has of course dealt with the mob all his life, coming from the industry that he and his father come from. That is why he is so comfortable with vermin like putler. As for Schiff, I find that most Dems are almost as skanky as British Labour Party politicians, but in his case I make an exception. He is the moderate, likeable even, face of what is now a hard left outfit slowly being dominated by scum like ‘the Squad’.

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