Prime Minister Medvedev instructs Russian government to triple tourism revenue

Tuesday, September 24, 2019 2:00:21 PM

The Russian government approved the strategy of tourism development in Russia until 2035. The document is published on the Russian Government’s website. According to the document signed by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, the gross added value of the tourism should reach 8.764 billion rubles ($137,59 million) by 2035.

In 2017, this figure was equal to 3,158 billion rubles ($49,58 million). The strategy implies than under a baseline scenario, the number of tourists accommodated in hotels, hostels, sanatoriums, and other places should grow from 62 million to 88 million people per year. The number of companies in the hotel and catering industries should also increase from 78 thousand to 109 thousand.

According to the most optimistic scenario, the gross value added can reach to 16.3 billion rubles ($255,91 million). The development of tourism must be accelerated by increasing the demand for travel in Russia for its citizens and foreigners. The document states that the export of tourism services should grow from $8.9 billion in 2017 to $28.6 billion in 2035. In this scenario, hotel occupancy should increase from 32% to 50%.

In the strategy prepared by the Russian Ministry of Economic Development, the number of domestic tourist trips per resident should increase more than twice to reach the goal by 2035. In early July, RBC news agency wrote that the Russian Prime Minister plans to discuss tourism development strategy with members of the government. He wants Russia to enter the top 10 World Tourism Organization tourist destinations.

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  1. Here’s an idea for the Kremlin Gremlin; if you want to increase tourism, decrease fascism. Simple enough? Stop the invasions, kidnappings, torture, murders, poisoning, raping, theft, hacking, doping, lying, propaganda, planting evidence, shooting down airliners, bombing apartment complexes, beating tourists for asking for menus, threatening nukes, kicking out NGO’s, build some roads and please get some modern 17th century toilets!

  2. Yeah,. great place to visit….,
    . St Petersburg and Moscow are known to have pick-pockets and taxi driver scams. The frequency of these occurrences can be shocking. It’s not just in the tourism industry, it can happen with the police as well. I don’t recommend taking photos of police or military buildings. Traffic can also pose a real safety concern, so always be alert when crossing streets, even in the crosswalk.
    Russia is expensive. From the visa application, hotels and dining out, Russia can be shockingly expensive, especially for tourists. Sometimes there are even two prices; one for locals, and one for travelers.

    • Sadly the two prices system also exists in Ukraine. My first visit to Ukraine was a total rip-off. Since then i only stay at my girlfriend’s parents home. No shitty hotels for me. Not to mention the lack of public toilets in certain regions in the south. But the people are so friendly, not like these ever pissed off ruskies from da Federation…

      • Don’t forget Odessa has many excellent hotels and several superb restaurants. Ditto Lviv; you can’t go wrong there! I never went to Donetsk, but I understand that before the putinazi vermin polluted it, it was a very nice city with good hotels. Crimea was beautiful. I hope that one day I can return after its liberation.

        • If i may add, i fear the Crimea first needs to be rebuilt and decontaminated after liberation before any healthy civilized people can go on vacation there again…

          • Yes you are right. It is very sad. I have primary source information from the occupied peninsula and it is not good. Apart from the filth, there is severe threat to the mental and physical health of Tatars, Ukrainians and non-compliant Russians. It is little different from living under nazi occupation. Tatars, who had been slowly drifting back to their homeland since independence, had established homes and businesses. For some the pressure was too great and they moved to Lviv, where they had to start again, with the kind-hearted support of the Lviv people. We stayed in a mini-complex owned by a Tatar family in a pristine forest. The owners know if they leave, some fucking General will move in with his family and it will be lost forever. They have to kiss the arses of these occupier bastards and give them free food.

  3. The department of bollocks and figure manipulation will soon sort that out.

    As I have said before, there is no way I’m going to go through all the bollocks of time wasting to go to London at least twice, leave forgeable documents in a third party agency and then pay for the overpriced visa just to have a shit outside while getting my wallet stolen or run over crossing the road via the subway or bridge by some drunken vatniki.

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