In fascist Russia the judiciary has just one function: to carry out the orders of the regime and frame them into legalise.

In Britain, it has become clear that the judiciary is run by Corbyinite crypto-Marxist EU remainers, since a 74 year old hard left judge has just ruled that the wishes of 17.5 million are to be ignored and defied. There is now a possibility, if just a few things go wrong, of the country ending up being ruled by a squalid bunch of Marxist scum propped up by Scottish Nationalists. British people could wake up to find they are part of a new bloc : Russia, Iran, Syria, Venezuela and every other dictatorship that currently hates us.

Meanwhile, in America, if just a few things go wrong, Ukraine could be the main victim should impeachment of Trump go ahead, since it could end up being shunned both by the Dems and the GOP….

What is your opinion?