Zelensky’s aide tells about idea of ​​signing new international treaty ‘for centuries’

The President’s team is working on the idea of ​​signing a multilateral international treaty with the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and China on the guarantees of Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.

Zelensky’s aide tells about idea of ​​signing new international treaty ‘for centuries’

“We have an idea – this is the first time I’m talking about this – which is raised now in different negotiations. The settlement of the situation [in Donbas] should end with the signing of a large-scale international treaty in which all the largest players would participate: the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, China. It [would become] a guarantee of our sovereignty, territorial integrity for years, better for centuries,” Ukrainian President’s aide Andriy Yermak said in an interview with LB.ua online media outlet.

At the same time, he recalled that Ukraine already had the experience of “non-working documents and guarantees” and emphasized that the headquarters of international organizations should appear in Ukraine as one of the elements of guarantees.

He also emphasized that when concluding an agreement, attention should be paid to provisions that would make it possible to assert [Ukraine’s] rights, including in courts.

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  • Putlerstan will not sign anything that is not advantageous to its fascist regime. But even if it does, it is not worth jackshit. And where are the reparations? And why no mention of Krym?

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    • They already have a document called the Budapest Memorandum but for the life of me I don’t know why they don’t use it. Poroshenko never called out the signatories and it looks like Zelensky isn’t going to do that either. I don’t know what the enforcement mechanism is in the document but I believe it’s likely NATO could take that helm.

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