Two armored vehicles dropped from cargo plane crash over parachute failure in Russia drills (Photo, video)

The armored vehicles had no crew on board, the Command claim. ‹› 1/5 Two assault amphibious vehicles have been destroyed  after parachutes failed in landing routine during military exercises outside Orenburg, Russia, on Sept 20.

According to photos posted on VKontakte social network, one of the vehicles crashed almost completely, while the second one was severely damaged. It is reported there were no casualties as vehicles had no crew  on board.

The accident was due to a failure of parachute systems. The crash took place amid the Center-2019 drills.

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      • The Muscovy defense ministry come out with the understatement of the year. LMAO

        “Both vehicles were damaged in a collision with the ground as a result of faulty parachute systems,” the ministry said in a statement carried by the state-run TASS news agency.

  1. Not content with crashing Ships into things, Missiles and Planes into the ground, they are now throwing APCs into the ground from great hights. I wouldn’t want to be a vatniki parachutist………

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