Russian Defense Minister: Syrian military operation allowed Russia to modernize its weapons

The shortcoming of the Russian cruise missile Kalibr were discovered after the missiles were used against militants in Syria and it allowed Russia to upgrade these missiles, stated Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu in an interview with the newspaper Moskovskij Komsomolets.

According to Shoygu, the upgrade of the Kalibr resulted in a significant reduction of their flight preparation. According to Shoygu, Putin himself ordered the upgrade of the missiles after he was acquainted with the results of their use in Syria.

“Previously, the loading of the flight route into the cruise missile would take so long that the target could have gone away. And now, the time of loading of the flight route into the Kalibr has decreased by multiple times,” said Shoygu adding that the work on weapons modernization always continues.

As a result of the ongoing operation in Syria, a decision was made to upgrade 300 weapons, Shoygu stated. In addition, industrial production of twelve other weapons, which were considered promising, was stopped. Shoygu did not specify what these weapons are.

“As a result of the operation in Syria, we had a comprehensive analysis of 300 types of weapons, taking into account the Syrian experience, and 12 samples that were considered promising, were simply removed from production,” stated Shoygu.

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