Yesterday’s International Views Infographics – Ukraine Today .org

Interesting snapshot of who is reading our publications and where they are from.


      • It was a joke. Knut lives in Sweden. Larisa is down under on vacation, no joke. Have a cup of coffee, i already emptied a whole can. 😊

        • I love Australia. (Except the insects). As for Pakistan, can you even imagine what the toilets are like there? No wonder there is an epidemic of gastritis, amoebic dysentery and other shit-related problems.

          • Ha ha ha! Interesting we have fans in Belarus. Maybe i’ll post more stuff about Belarus soon. Ukraine’s little brother deserves more attention since Nazistan de facto annexed it.

                • I have no idea. I think because she arrived during midnight and wanted something to eat until the shops go open. Anyway, $240 is an impudence.

                  • Yeah, but rules are rules. One time I went to Aus with two cartons of cigarettes to last me the holiday. Cigarettes are hell expensive there. Anyway the customs took them off me, and said I have to pay tax on both packets, seems I was only allowed one carton.

                    • Just over one Euro in Ukraine, but I was living in the UK at that time, and they were around £6 a packet then, and that was 8 years ago.

                    • In Denmark they want to make cigarettes more expensive. Good i won’t live there again until summer next year…

                    • Almost 11 quid for a packet of fags now. Insane! Good that now we don’t have disqus mods we can use old English slang for cigarettes without censure. In fact it seems we can use extremely filthy language if we want. I call that civilised.

                    • Yeah, we can just write what we think, no checking comments three times before posting no more. Fucking good! 😉

                    • Cigarettes in Canada are 11-14 bucks a pack , I quit 3 years ago more money for beer now lol.

  1. Does the dark shading of Aus imply big readership? It’s interesting because quite a large number of kremtrolls post from there. Don’t know why.

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