Media: 8 spies gained access to Russian top-secret military plant

Eight unknown persons received access to the top-secret Russian defense plant belonging to the Tactical Missiles Corporation, one of Russia’s major weapons manufacturers.

The persons could also have gained gain access to highly classified data.

“Unknown people had access to the secret plant of the Tactical Missiles Corporation in the city of Korolyov for more than a year. The local security service found out that someone had hired eight janitors, but, they did not exist. The system recorded multiple entries into the plant after 6 P.M.,” reports the news outlet Baza.

Initially, it was assumed that it could be a mistake. However, after investigating, it was found that the eight issued passes were never used by the existing plant janitors.

It is unknown who could have gained access to the secret military plant which is developing a hypersonic missile. Experts believe that the information about Russian missile weapons could have been leaked this way.

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