In Ukraine, They Began to Sing a Lullaby that Gives Russians Creeps (a video)

On September 19, 2019, Facebook pages of some Ukrainian volunteers, bloggers, and activists featured pictures with a concise caption, “SLEEP,” which was drawn in red on the background of a heap of coal. It turned out that these pictures came from a new video by a Ukrainian singer, Anastasiya Shevchenko, and that video, based on her song, “A Lullaby for an Enemy,” not only touched the hearts of Ukrainians but also sent shivers down the spine of Russians. It is interesting that in the past, Anastasiya Shevchenko was a fighter and a paramedic of the Third Company of the Battalion number one of the Ukrainian Kulchytsky National Guard.

“Deep in my soul, I feel pity for our enemies. When you see people, who come to die in some other people’s land, then you understand just how badly they live in their own.
It is easier for them to sleep forever in other people’s land than to survive in theirs.

That’s why today I sing this lullaby for the enemy,” – wrote Anastasiya on her Facebook page.

“Year after year
I sing this lullaby to you
Obey my word

I pity you, my enemy
Pity that you chose to walk down this road
You walk toward your death like a lunatic

Leave your anger and leave your fatigue
There is no more need
You will drown forever in your sleep

You will sleep forever in this cold soil
To you, it will be like this womb of mine
You are my captive forever

You wanted this land
Now mix with it
You are my land now

One Can Make This into a Horror Video and Put It on at the Demarcation Line”

In their comments to the video, many viewers wrote that this is very heart-rending and powerful, and that it sounds like a spell or a black magic.

“Very strong. Makes you almost shiver. One can make this into a horror video and put it on at the demarcation line in the Donbas,” wrote one YouTube user.

“It’s even more than shivers down one’s spine. Every nerve and every little hair on your body reacts to this. Very, very strong!” – said another listener.

“It’s only us Ukrainians who can call our enemies воріженьки (the diminutive form of a noun, the way one calls a small child) and sing a lullaby to them when we kill them. Ukrainians are my amazing nation, talented, musical, and worthy of a better living. One feels electricity spreading over the skin when one listens to this woman sing. Glory to Ukraine!” – yet another listener stressed.

The song does sound like a spell in Ukrainian. Yet, specifically for Russians, the video has subtitles in red, which resemble traces of blood on the black coal of the Donbas. If you liked this “lullaby,” please, forward a link to this song to the Russian occupiers of Ukraine. Let them listen to it and then sleep for all eternity.

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