Ukrainian film director Sentsov says he hasn’t noticed significant changes in Ukraine after his release from Russia

Director Oleg Sentsov, who was released from Russian captivity, wrote on his Facebook page that, while he was in prison, not so many changes took place in Ukraine as he expected.

“A week has passed since my release. It was interesting to see what changes have happened to the country and people because I feel like as a person who arrived on a time machine from 2014,” wrote Sentsov.

Ukrainian Director also added that a week is quite a short time, but he managed to visit a lot of places and communicate with many people. In his opinion, Ukraine has not changed so much over the past five years, as he expected.

“Everyone is at war with others. It’s all very sad. How can we conflict with each other if there is Putin? But I still do not lose hope for the best,” added Sentsov.

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  1. Changes in Ukraine are media lies. Nothing changed. People hate each other, corruption continues, roads are still awful, and the politicians still only work for their own wallet.

    Ukrainians are too lethargic, not to say lazy. They expect the government to do everything for them. That’s why Zelensky won the elections, hoping he would fix everything for them, while the smart folks continue to leave the country.

    Like Sentsov i still want to believe that all things will get better, but it’s very hard. First of all Kolomoisky and all ex-Yanuk trash need to be deported…

  2. They were conned, just as they were in 2010 by Manafort/Yanukovich. But that is not unusual: it happens quite often in far more sophisticated electorates such as Britain and America. Tony Blair conned the electorate not once but three times, which was long enough to make many inner cities become 3rd world horror shows. Clinton : twice, Carter: once, Trump: once (so far) and one of the most successful grifters of all time: a fake Hawaiian, fake Christian, ‘community organiser’ managed to skank his way into the WH twice!

  3. “A week has passed since my release. It was interesting to see what changes have happened to the country and people because I feel like as a person who arrived on a time machine from 2014,” wrote Sentsov.”
    Deprivation of of outside information sounds like cruel and unusual punishment, such as what might be expected for hostages in similar shithole putlerite countries such as Iran or Syria. Putlerstan must eventually be forced to pay for this evil behaviour.

    • It’s off topic, but i read alot about Cuba over the past days. I learned that Trump truly is an idiot. Since Venezuela was already cornered, we had a chance to make Cuba dependent on US oil and gas. Instead Trump threw new sanctions at Cuba. Now Russia’s Rosneft will fill the gap. Further Putin wants bases on Cuba. I’m shocked by Trump’s incompetence. Trump also failed to cut the US debt. I hope next year we will get rid of this filthy Putin asset!

      • US policy on Cuba has been a great comfort to the enemies of the US. Commie scum like Castro should have been immediately overthrown by professionals, not by some half-assed debacle like the Bay of Pigs. The Castro regime has been allowed to stick its middle finger up at America for 60 years! And for wealthy hard left scum it has become the holiday destination of choice; with the Leninist useful idiots writing drivel about how wonderful their health service is. In reality it is 3rd world hell.

      • More off topic stuff : I was able to see a list of followers. Including myself it came to 27. Obviously most of them are passive and some are spammers, like ‘plastic surgery in Delhi’. Who in their right mind would want such a service in such a filthy city is a moot point, but coming to my question, are you able to click a follower and see his/her profile/comment history? Because I certainly can’t, not even my own profile opens for some odd reason.

        • I will look into that Sir Scradge. It would be interesting. I have that access but I haven’t checked out all their sites yet. WordPress has their own network of referrals and I’m sure we are getting some of those. Other sites are picking us up because we have some traffic. I spend a lot of time black-listing Pro-ruSSki sites on WordPress so they don’t end up here.

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