Russian Court Upholds 14-Year Sentence For Polish Man Convicted Of Spying

September 16, 2019 14:14 GMT

MOSCOW — Russia’s Supreme Court has upheld the 14-year prison term of a Polish citizen found guilty of espionage. The court’s ruled on September 12 that the sentence against Marian Radzajewski was “legal and justified,” the Federal Security Service (FSB) said on September 16.

The Moscow City Court in June found Radzajewski guilty of trying to obtain military information that included state secrets. The trial was held behind closed doors, as the case materials were considered classified. Radzajewski was detained in April 2018.

Investigators said he was trying to reach a deal on the illegal purchase of parts for a S-300 missile system, which he planned to transport to Poland. Radzajewski has denied any wrongdoing.

(C) RFE/RL 2019


  • And just what would a NATO spy do with S-300 parts? He would present them to the Generals and they would laugh. They’d say, “What do we do with these antique parts? Write a book about ancient Soviet machinery?”

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    • Depends on who operates the system. Serbia was very successful, but they weren’t dead drunk. On the other hand the last time they used was 20 years ago. Maybe he was planning to publish a comedy, and Russia has been subject to laughter all too often…

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