Portnikov: “Unity” for robbery just like in Russia

Vitaly Portnikov

When Vladimir Putin became the new president of Russia in 2000, he was opposed by a strong institutional opposition in the newly elected State Duma, which included old Soviet nomenklatura officials from the Fatherland-All Russia party, the communists, and the liberals from the Union of Right Forces. At the time, Putin’s own Unity party did not even have a majority in parliament unlike Volodymyr Zelenskyy‘s Servant of the People party does now.

And so what? First, it was the communists — these professional traitors — who aligned themselves with the Putin party. Then, the old Soviet state officials from the Fatherland united with the new state officials from the Unity and together formed the United Russia. While the “liberals,” from the beginning, did not want to “quarrel” with anyone. They just wanted to “help” instead.

As a result, 20 years later, Putin is still the president of Russia, the former leader of the Fatherland faction leads the State Duma, and the former leader of the Union of Right Forces is responsible for politics in Putin’s presidential administration. This is the union of elites in the corporate state. Unification for robbery.

I have already noted in earlier analyses that similar processes will begin to occur in Ukraine. The parliament’s vote for the dissolution of the Central Election Commission demonstrated it has already begun. And they will only intensify. In a country whose elite is formed not according to ideological principles, but according to the principle of admission to “the feeding trough,” this is completely natural. We will not notice how Zelenskyy’s Servant of the People will become an analogue of Putin’s United Russia and the “old” politicians and oligarchs will share the pie of power with those newcomers who at least are able to learn how to steal, even if not how to govern.

And what about the Ukrainian people? To be honest, discussing the fate of the Ukrainian people after 2019 is just as an ungrateful task as discussing the fate of Russians after 1999. A patient who refuses to be treated by medical doctors, albeit very unsympathetic, and prefers to them sooth healers, although some funny ones, chooses his own fate. Relatives of such a patient can only wait and dream about a miracle. So, if in the near future no miracle happens, the Ukrainian people will be stuck in the ungrateful role of the object of joint robbery for a long time.

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