Moscow Asks U.S. to Confirm Location of Ex-Official Named as Possible Spy

Russia has asked the United States via Interpol to confirm the whereabouts of a former Kremlin official who Russian media have said may have been a U.S. spy exfiltrated in 2017, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Thursday.

Zakharova made the comment after U.S. media reports, confirmed to Reuters by two sources, said a CIA informant in the Russian government had been extracted and brought to the United States in 2017.

Russian daily newspaper Kommersant has said that the official may have been a man called Oleg Smolenkov. He was reported to have disappeared with his wife, Antonina, and three children while on holiday in Montenegro in June 2017.

Zakharova said Russia had opened a criminal case after their disappearance and had now learned via the media that Smolenkov and his family were in the United States.

“Of course this information needs checking via the appropriate channels,” said Zakharova. 

(c) The Moscow Times


  1. I guess russian officials are now barred from traveling to Montenegro. They now have to go on vacation to Venezuela, at ‘Erika’s mattress and Brokefast’…

  2. Oh we won’t do that.
    If we did it would tempt Russia to use Radioactive poisons or nerve toxins to kill him
    And that just would not end well for the Russian people as a whole.

  3. The news published the event and now the poisoners are jumping on it, wanting the US to give his address. How facking stoopid are they expecting the US might consider telling. Now as long as nobody lets a Trumpet or his weasels know, maybe they will stay safe.

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