Russian forces did not much, almost nothing in Crimea, – Russia in ECHR

“But what did Russian forces do in Crimea? Not much, almost nothing,” Mikhail Galperin said

Representative of the Russian Federation at the European Court of Human Rights and Russian Deputy Minister of Justice Mikhail Galperin said before the ECHR Grand Chamber that during the annexation of Crimean peninsula, Russia did not do much. The court hearing was brodcasted on the official ECHR website.

“Ukraine has nothing in terms of direct control, just saying there were some Russian forces in Crimea. But what did Russian forces do in Crimea? Not much, almost nothing. Their presence may have deterred bloody intervention by the nationalists from the mainland Ukraine, but deterrance is not control. By deterring violence, Russian soldiers did not excercise any control or jurisdiction over anybody,” Galperin said.

As it was reported earlier, the Grand Chamber of the European Court for Human Rights is hearing the case of Ukraine versus Russia, which is related to Crimea. Ukraine was represented by Ivan Lishchyna, the country’s Envoy for ECHR Affairs.

The ruling on the case will not be made on the same day, but at a later stage.

Ukraine’s lawsuit concerns multiple violations that Russia violated after taking effective control over the Crimean peninsula on February 2014. These measures violate numerous provisions of the Convention for Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms and certain protocols of this Convention.

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  • This lying scumbag needs to get facts right. The evidence is there, from the mouth of the mafia man himself.

    “I said that the situation in Ukraine has unfolded in such a way that we are forced to begin the work of returning Crimea to Russia,” Putin said in the documentary.

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  • англійський масон

    What did russia do?

    Isn’t invading a foreign Country enough?

    What else they did is a matter of speculation and hearsay until it can be properly investigated by independent means, but the fact still remains that nobody in authority invited vatnikistan to invade, so that is a sufficient offence.

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  • I wouldn’t call taking control of the Crimean government buildings, airports, and other facilities ” not much ” or almost nothing.

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  • Lies and BS by the moskali ratz trying to sweep their bad behavior under the rubber mats in the barn.

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