Released political prisoner Karpyuk told about torture in Russian prison: He was tortured with electric shock, kept awake, subjected to use of psychotropic substances

Mykola Karpyuk, who was released from a Russian prison, told ATR channel that he and another political prisoner, Stanislav Klykh, were tortured in Russia with electric shocks, Russian enforcers prevented him from sleeping, used psychotropic substances and could have implanted a “chip”.

“When it gets dark, they bring me out to the corridor – handcuffs, hands behind their back, put a plastic bag over head, wrap with duct tape, cotton wool is also here so that nothing seen from the bottom – and they take me out, we are driving for 10-15 minutes, enter some room, go up the 4th floor. A clamp to the toe of the right foot, a clamp to the finger of the right hand or to other parts of the body – and an electric current flowing through the body. With various periods: in spurts, for a certain time – it is such an unpleasant sensation. This is what they did to me. Then they bring me back to  the detention facility – in a room for interrogation, a metal cell of one square meter … And during the night, during the day they do not let me sleep. Just starting to close my eyes – the guards change every 2 hours and here it goes: “Do not sleep, do not sleep.” They didn’t let me sleep,” he said.

Karpyuk also noticed that he was “lucky” in contrast to Stanislav Klykh:

“They brought him later, put him in a cage, put him in a cell and tied him to his bed with bracelets — they put him on his knees and kept him awake and did not let him move all night. I did not hear Klykh being interrogated, but it is not soundproofed – I heard many people who were taken out. And this screech of duct tape throughout the corridor, when they were brought after torture and placed it in the cell. All the time moaning and asking: “I will sign you everything, but let me sleep.”

Karpyuk said that in addition to torture, Russian jailers use psychotropic drugs.

He also suspects that implants could have been inserted to political prisoners in the Russian Federation:

“Stanislav Klykh, when he was still conscious, in a normal psychological state, when we met on September 15, 2016 at the first trial in Grozny, he showed me a square scar (on the wrist), clearly cut out, said they had implanted the chip there. I took it very seriously, because when I got out of the state of delirium, I was sure that they inserted the chip. I searched, examined my whole body – then I thought that I was going crazy. But when Stanislav told me that they had inserted a chip in him, then I realized that when I was “in delusional state” the guards were talking about the chip.”

He explained that when an implant is inserted, it affects the nervous system and “a person falls into panic fear.”

In 2016, the Chechen Supreme Court found Mykola Karpyuk and Stanislav Klykh guilty on charges of killing Russian citizens in the Russian-Chechen war. Karpyuk received 22.5 years in prison, Klykh – 20 years. However, both Ukrainians had never been to Chechnya before.

QHA media reported that on September 7, Kremlin prisoners arrived at Boryspil Airport – 24 Ukrainian sailors and another 11 political prisoners returned to Ukraine.

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