9/11 was 18 years ago today

Eighteen years ago today, America was attacked by degenerates. 2605 US citizens died. There were 372 non-US victims, including 67 from the UK, 47 from the Dominican Republic and 41 from India.

The response was robust but not perfect. The war against terror has not stopped, the threat remains severe and American and British servicemen are still in Afghanistan.

But at least the revulsion at these attacks was and is clear. Although human nature being what it is, there was actually an uplift in western citizens choosing to join the religion (actually a fascist ideology) that inspired these attacks.

Another closely related fascist ideology has been allowed to thrive since then and has not been punished. Unless you count the utterly feeble sanctions, which I don’t.

It has murdered this century more innocent Christians than the combined efforts of AQ/isis and has got clean away with it with only very muted condemnation. Support for this nazi regime has actually increased rather than diminished and its victims are regarded with indifference or even contempt.

This is partly because of the army of western shills in politics and journalism who have worked so diligently on its behalf, acting as an extension of its war effort and strengthening its propaganda output.

Global sympathy for the victims of 9/11 is matched only by its almost total indifference to the victims in Ukraine and Georgia.


    • Sorry to read that Mike. Especially on this solemn day. Even as a non-American, I feel bound to come to the defence of Bush Jr. You are promoting an absurd and highly offensive conspiracy theory that is worthy only of a demented freak like Alex Jones. What you claim is as ridiculous as saying that Bush Sr ordered the assassination of JFK, or that Stanley Kubrick directed the moon landings from a film studio under Nixon’s orders. Or as Alex Jones also claims: the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School that left 26 dead, including 20 children between six and seven years old, was a hoax that employed so-called “crisis actors.” Or that Hillary Clinton and her associates were running a demonic sex-trafficking ring inside the pizza shop. Or that Robert Mueller is not only a demon, but a paedophile who rapes kids in front of people. Or that John McCain was the secret leader of the Democrats.
      I am out of here.

      • Thank you for the article and for the tribute Sir Scradge. Islamists attacked not just America, her freedoms or her prosperity but humanity itself. The conspiracy theories were started by those that hate freedom and sadly politics has entered the equation.

        • There is no way I would pressure you into leaving Mike. None whatsoever. It is a continuation of something important that you started. I like you Mike. I like your passion, your humour and your fierce dedication to the cause. I have no problems with your opinions : 99.9% are fine by me even if I occasionally disagree. But I hate Jones and his ilk so much that I just cannot stand conspiracy theories. In fact I thought you had given up on the Alex Jones stuff. There may even be the odd one that is true, but overwhelmingly they are horrible lies that cause real pain.

          • I do not like Alex, and i do not like his drivel. I should not have commented on this article, since it is not related to Ukraine. My opinion concerning 9/11 has a personal background. More i cannot and will not say. 😉

              • The Kiwis are some of the finest people on the planet. Steadfast and loyal. When Argentina’s fascist junta invaded The Falkland Islands in 1984, despite being British before Argentina existed and being uninhabited prior to British rule, most of the world were either indifferent or supported the aggressor. Remind you of anything? The exceptions included Chile and the US, which was rather grudging in its support until RR finally came out on our side and provided limited covert support. But Britain must never forget Robert Muldoon, then PM of New Zealand. Of Irish extraction and born into a Jesuit socialist family, he nevertheless grew up to be a staunch conservative and great friend of Britain. He said:
                ‘We are a free and independent nation but in time of trouble we stand with our mother country…New Zealand’s decision to break off diplomatic relations with Argentina over the Falklands, immediately after Britain had done so, was not because of Britain’s support on the sporting issue. The reason goes much deeper than that. It is in the context of the statement made by a Labour Prime Minister of New Zealand in 1939: “Where Britain goes, we go.” We see the Falklands as British territory and the Falklands Islanders as subjects of our Queen. We live at the end of the line and we know the feeling of isolation…With the Falklands Islands, it is family. Historically, Britain has so often on great occasions thrown up the leader that the occasion demanded. I regard Margaret Thatcher as one of the finest and straightest politicians I have ever met…In 1939 we learned the folly of appeasement. A great catastrophe was the price that was paid. The military rulers of Argentina must not be appeased. New Zealand will back Britain all the way.
                In the House of Commons Margaret Thatcher responded by saying that “The New Zealand Government and people have been absolutely magnificent in their support of this country, of the Falkland Islanders and of the rule of liberty and the rule of law”.
                One of Robert’s quotes is highly relevant to today:
                ‘Historically, Britain has so often on great occasions thrown up the leader that the occasion demanded.’
                I am of the view that Boris is that man and despite the determined efforts of implacable enemies of democracy: the kremlin owned Labour Party, the Scotz Natz and the LibDems, he will find a way to honour the wishes of the electorate and get us out of that other evil empire, the EU, on Oct 31.

                • Politics is taken too seriously in too many democratic countries. The infighting stunts growth and while evil dictatorships aren’t burdened with such things as free speech and choice so they move faster.

                  • Democracy has its weaknesses as we can see! Furthermore, it only takes a few things to happen in Europe for putlerstan to be in the driving seat: victory for CorbLenin, Le Pen and Wilders would add three more European putler satellites to add to his collection which already includes Greece, Hungary, Austria, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Serbia, not forgetting the Franco-German alliance which is always ready to kiss the poisonous rodent’s jackboots.

      • Gotta question why Saudis were the only ones allowed to fly out the next day. Just one of those question marks with no answer.

  1. But the article was very much about Ukraine. I wrote it!
    Please give it another look. As for your personal background, we will leave it at that. I accept that you will not support Jones.
    So let us both continue as before.

    • Yes. Let’s. I know i’m a fucking difficult asshole sometimes, but i like you guys alot. What RSM has created here is huge. And Focusser and Veth are doing a great job here. They always post interesting stuff and seem very dedicated, in particular Focusser. So, let’s move on! ✌

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