I just lost a crucial bet

Yeah folx, i just lost a bet. Now i’m supposed to support Ukraine forever, no matter what happens and who rules.

Slava Ukraini! 😂


  1. Per chance is it permissible to ask regarding the bet?
    I just read President Bonespurs, the draft and rain dodger has canned John Boulton. States disagreements with the WH staff as the reason. Now I may be wrong here, it happened once before, but that is the turd crack at a NSA advisor appointment. Now to me, I see a common denominator in this. The Buffoon Goon has appointed each person and later fired that person. This is a NSA advisor every year! Now if I was in a position to be appointed and noticed Don Donny coming my way, I would run for the door like Speedy Gonzales. Just a dust trail over the horizon.
    Now what else needs considering is that this is not the only position to have top level people fired for expressing opinion contradictory to the POTUS. Seems to me the stench of rotten stuff is emminating from the oval office and Mar a Lago.

What is your opinion?