1,000 individual Visitors in the first month

8 September, 2019

Congratulations Ukraine Today .org, we have our first 1,000 visitors and we have almost 10,000 hits. Not bad for just over one month. Thanks to everyone for your participation and support of Ukraine, where ever you are! Here is from just yesterday…

Slava Ukraini~~!!


    • All the info is in the admin section containing stats for the site. They are only available to admin unfortunately.

        • No personal information is shown in the admin section. Not even email addresses, except for email followers.

              • Disqus had a security breach a while back. FYI from wiki:
                ‘In 2013 a Swedish group called Researchgruppen obtained and exposed a large number of anonymous Disqus identities through the application programming interface. The group cooperated with the Bonnier tabloid Expressen, who subsequently visited some of the commentators in their homes, confronting them with allegedly racist, misogynic, and derogatory sentiments. Researchgruppen said their database contained millions of comments from Disqus users around the world who are at risk of de-anonymization. In March 2014, Expressen and Researchgruppen won the investigative reporting award Guldspaden.’

    • Thank you but I haven’t done much. As usual its guys like you who deserve the credit. I am still busy at work and spend a lot of time weeding out the Kremtrash that gets through on the Reader page. We don’t want any of our readers to think we’re connected to that stuff.
      So far we are getting around 90 visitors a day, 350 views a day, about 30 new viewers a day, and we run about 600 ads a day. Not sure how it all translates but those are the stats.
      Most visitors are coming from WP instead of Google or Bing which is interesting. I wish it was the other way around.

  1. I feel flattered. Seems the german Gestapo and their ISIS buddies are sniffing on any tree i piss against… 😂

    Anyway, we have not gained too many commenters…

    Disappointing is the low number of views from Ukraine. And interestingly no views from Russia…

    • Yes, I had hoped that English speaking Ukrainians like gmab would become regulars. It is a great pity that hordes of putinazi troll vermin are out there 24/7 glorifying their murderous nazi rodent on literally hundreds of sites, yet Ukrainians and their western supporters are still indifferent.

  2. One thing I find interesting is Canada has about twice the views as from the USA, which has 10 times the population. Goes to indicate the basic inward look of Americans. Don’t care as long as their boat is not rocked.

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