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Good morning, World! Good morning, Ukraine! The morning after…. As the euphoria, emotions and excitement of yesterday die down, let us never forget Oleh Sentsov’s first words as a free man:

“All the guys and I are very happy to be back home. I’d like to express my deepest gratitude to all the people who’ve helped us, our families, during all these years. Those who fought for our liberation and made it happen. Thank you so much. I hope that all the other prisoners will be released very soon. But, even when the very last prisoner is released, our fight will not be over! Victory is very far off. The enemy is strong and has no intention of giving up. But, we will achieve this victory; we have no other choice. Slava Ukrayini! (Glory to Ukraine!)”

Photos of the two most emblematic Ukrainian POWs as they step out of the aircraft at Boryspil Airport, Kyiv: Oleh Sentsov and Crimean Tatar Edem Bekirov! REMINDER! 3280 Ukrainian citizens have been freed from RF and ORDLO since 2014. 227 Ukrainians are still illegally imprisoned in occupied Donbas; 86 in Russia and occupied Crimea.


Edem Bekirov
Oleh Sentsov


  • I think when Putler is finally dead and the celebrations across the world finish, the money he has stolen from his people should be used to build a “Great Wall” around Muskovy so this sort of thing does not happen again.

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    • Agreed!
      From Wiki: “Immersion (Piss Christ) is a 1987 photograph by the American artist and photographer Andres Serrano. It depicts a small plastic crucifix submerged in a small glass tank of the artist’s urine.”
      The artist claimed to be a Christian, but understandably it caused a lot of controversy over its perceived blasphemy. Which led me to conclude that this would be a highly suitable resting place for the tiny poisoner. Piss putler could be placed next to the crumbling Lenin monstrosity.

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    • Celebrations? The EU top, Germany, France and Italy will praise Putin as a great leader, while Merkle & co will attend his funeral with tears in their eyes…

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  • I must disagree scradge. Pootler, Lenin and Stalin should share a burial in an undisclosed location at a deep in the ocean. Possibly a location where lava comes out of the ocean floor and would cremate what may be left and ensure no lasting idol worship. Similar to bin Laden’s demise. Don’t hear a lick about him these days.

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