A complete list of names. Which of the political prisoners of Ukrainians returns home and whom Ukraine gives in return

A full list of people has been published as part of a large-scale exchange between Ukraine and Russia 35 to 35.

This was reported by “Ukrainian Truth.”

So, of the 35 people whom Ukraine gave for an exchange: 11 pardoned, the 19th canceled the preventive measure, two were at large and one more was handed over to the Russian side in advance.

The list of people exchanged from Ukraine to Russia is as follows:

  1. Владимир Цемах
  2. Кирилл Вышинский
  3. Виктор Агеев, 13.09.1995
  4. Александр Баранов, 11.08.1983
  5. Аслан Басханов, 06.04.1966
  6. Елена Бобовая, 26.04.1972
  7. Андрей Васьковский, 25.12.1991
  8. Руслан Гаджиев, 10.02.1973
  9. Владимир Галич, 18.01.1948
  10. Сергей Гнатьев, 13.04.1988
  11. Анна Дубенко, 18.08.1982
  12. Станислав Ежов, 22.06.1978
  13. Аркадий Жидких, 19.11.1967
  14. Игорь Кимаковский, 28.04.1972
  15. Ольга Ковалис, 07.08.1968
  16. Сергей Коверник, 16.02.1978
  17. Дмитрий Кореновский, 18.03.1972
  18. Андрей Костенко, 18.09.1984
  19. Алексей Лазаренко, 13.10.1985
  20. Сергей Лазарев, 07.05.1957
  21. Юрий Ломако, 04.02.1961
  22. Петр Мельничук, 12.07.1972
  23. Евгений Мефедов, 22.05.1983
  24. Максим Одинцов, 25.04.1983
  25. Юлия Просолова, 13.07.1988
  26. Александр Ракущин, 19.03.1963
  27. Антонина Родионова, 06.09.1969
  28. Александр Саттаров, 28.12.1980
  29. Алексей Седиков, 10.10.1979
  30. Тарас Синичак, 24.06.1977
  31. Александр Тарасенко, 10.07.1970
  32. Андрей Третьяков, 18.10.1973
  33. Виктор Федоров, 18.07.1969
  34. Денис Хитров, 28.04.1977
  35. Павел Черных, 04.08.1975

At the same time, 25 Ukrainian sailors and another eleven political prisoners should return home from Russia:

  1. Олег Сенцов
  2. Владимир Балух
  3. Николай Карпюк
  4. Станислав Клых
  5. Александр Кольченко
  6. Павел Гриб
  7. Роман Сущенко
  8. Евгений Панов
  9. Артур Панов
  10. Николай Сизонович
  11. Эдем Бекиров
  12. Юрий Будзило
  13. Вячеслав Зинченко
  14. Андрей Опрыско
  15. Сергей Цибизов
  16. Андрей Артеменко
  17. Владимир Терещенко
  18. Евгений Семидоцкий
  19. Виктор Безпальченко
  20. Андрей Шевченко
  21. Владимир Варымез
  22. Михаил Власюк
  23. Богдан Головаш
  24. Сергей Чулиба
  25. Олег Мельничук
  26. Богдан Небылица
  27. Владислав Костишин
  28. Сергей Попов
  29. Юрий Безъязычный
  30. Роман Мокряк
  31. Андрей Эйдер
  32. Василий Сорока
  33. Андрей Драч
  34. Владимир Лесовой
  35. Денис Гриценко

According to QHA media, the lawyer of Ukrainian sailors Nikolai Polozov published information about the beginning of the process of release of their wards from Russian captivity.

On September 2, Andrei Yermak, assistant to the Ukrainian president Vladimir Zelensky, said that an exchange of Kremlin prisoners for Russian citizens in Ukraine could happen in the near future.

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  1. This is the only list I could find of prisoners swapped. The interesting one is No1 on the list of terrorists sent to Russia. It’s the MH17 guy, and looking at the article, it’s not hard to work out which one was sent to mafia land in advance. It points one almighty finger at Russian involvement with MH17. Plenty of media sites are gushing about a thaw in relations, mostly ones owned by the Kremlin. Not one media outlet from the West has questioned why Russia would want a Ukrainian involved in terrorism, sent to Russia.

        • Exactly. I cannot understand why they would send this creature and risk alienating those very few countries in Europe that are sympathetic to Ukraine’s plight.

          • Zelensky backed himself into a corner. He had to do what Putin said, or the media would have been all over him for not keeping his promises. Now he is saying the war will be over soon, just what will he give Putin next time?

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