Council of Europe welcomes release of prisoners by Russia and Ukraine

The Council of Europe welcomes the release of prisoners by Russia and Ukraine today, Secretary General of the Council of Europe Thorbjorn Jagland has stated.

“The Council of Europe welcomes the release of prisoners by Russia and Ukraine today. This is an encouraging step towards the reconciliation of the two member states of the Council of Europe and an important element of the Minsk process,” the Secretary General said in the statement.

He noted that “further steps will be necessary”. And the Council of Europe is ready to assist Ukraine and Russia in the reconciliation process on the basis of the standards and principles of the European Convention on Human Rights.

As reported, on Saturday, September 7, Ukraine and Russia carried out an exchange of prisoners in the 35 for 35 format. A total of 11 Ukrainians illegally convicted in Russia, as well as 24 sailors detained near the Kerch Strait in late November 2018, returned home.

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  1. This KGB bastard has the nerve to even show his face, never mind comment is beyond me. Him and useless organisation did sweet FA to get these guys released.

    The other useless piece of crap come out with this comment.

    “Their release is testimony to the work and determination of those, including civil society, activists, and legal experts, who have worked tirelessly for this outcome.” Federica Mogherini

    • I doubt this exchange will be worth the price to let a witness of MH-17 go to Muskovia. And like you said, the 24 sailors release was a requirement. Zelensky turned it into a bonus.

    • The talking bobbleheads always try to grab some of the sucess for themselves as advertising materials for reelection.

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