UN: Russia violates human rights in occupied Crimea

The secretary general of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, has published the international organisation’s first report investigating human rights abuses in Ukraine’s Russian-occupied region of Crimea.

According to the report, major violations have occurred in the five years since Russia invaded the region, affecting the basic human, political, civic and religious rights of Crimea’s citizens.

The United Nations claims that a number of events which had been planned to be held in support of the territorial integrity of Ukraine were prevented or prohibited “in ways that might potentially undermine the exercise of the freedoms of peaceful assembly and association.”

UN officials also received information from local journalists that law enforcement authorities from Russia interfered in their activities, leading to self censorship to avoid potential repercussions and entry bans issued by the Russian foreign intelligence service, the FSB, against journalists who perceived Russia’s annexation of Crimea as occupation.

The report also noted that some Ukrainian churches with strong connections to Ukraine, including the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, faced difficulties with registration.

Since 2014, the UN has identified 42 victims of “enforced disappearance” in Crimea, of whom just 28 have been released after being abducted or detained illegally, with many of them being Ukrainian journalists, civil rights activists or affiliates of the Crimean Tatar community.

“Lawyers who defend cases of alleged extremism and terrorism in Crimea, human rights defenders and civic activists face the risk of deliberate hindrance, disbarment, harassment by the authorities of the Russian Federation in Crimea and, in some cases, detention,” the report claims.

While Russia automatically granted citizenship to residents in the occupied areas, those citizens having legal connections to Ukraine were often denied Russian citizenship, weakening their access to social security, healthcare and pensions, UN officials added.

The report will be formally presented at the UN General Assembly on September 17, in New York.

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  • “The report will be formally presented at the UN General Assembly on September 17, in New York.”

    What is the point? Russia didn’t adopt a single measure from the 2016 UN resolution about Crimea. So instead of having another meeting, don’t you think it’s time for action?

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  • No shit Sherlock! And the mentally deficient Einsteins at the UN GA still allow Pootlerstan a veto seat in the UN SC. Talk about useless!
    Crimea is but the tip of the iceberg regarding human rights abuses in any area they are involved. Murders of journalists and opposition ppoliticians, beating and jailing of public protestors, in the Russia. Indescriminant bombing of schools and hospitals along with supporting chemical weapons use in Syria. Murder of Russian investigative journalists in CAR. When you have a cochroach infestation, you exterminate them! These are Pootie Cochroaches.

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