Russia Says Facebook, Google Must Ban Political Ads During Moscow Election

Russian state watchdog Roskomnadzor said on Friday it asked Facebook and Google to ban the publication of political advertising during elections on Sunday and on the preceding day, in line with Russian law.

Russia will hold several regional elections on Sunday, including in Moscow.

Non-compliance would be viewed as meddling in Russia’s sovereign affairs, the watchdog said. 

(c) The Moscow Times


  1. Cut the crap Russia. The results are already known. I’ll eat my keyboard if any opposition candidates get elected.

              • You’re usually over my head, Boss, we just need to drink together some time and I will better understand. Maybe I need to puke on your keyboard too? It’s like a club thing? ;))

                • Well… you know… i really caught a tropical disease during my last trip to Louisiana. I got infected by parasites through a horsefly. Had to take antibiotics and suffered severe organic damage. Since then i sleep up to 10 hours a day. Although i mostly recovered and the filth was successfully wiped from my body, i am not as sporty and fit as i was before it happened. So, your joke about ebola was not all funny to me. About a drink one day… absolutely, we will have when i’ll be in Ukraine again. Concerning my keyboard… its ability to withstand any additional puke is depleted.

                  • I didn’t mean to offend. Your keyboard is infamous for various coatings, shall we say? I remember your trip to the bayou. Are you allergic to bees? I will try to remember not to joke about ebola, that was just the first disease I could think of that was contracted by puke.

                    • Joke about whatever you like. Just forget it! Will buy a new gaming keyboard soon. It is waterproof and the keys have backlit in rainbow colors. It’s wireless and easy to clean. BTW, my puke does not contain any disease, it only contains traces of wine, cucumbers, fishbones and ass. LMFAO! 😀

                    • How about a UAToday museum in Kyiv? We can display my keyboard, our carpet, Focusser’s coffee maker, a dancing cucumber, Putin memes and Paul’s hat, to remember the crew which was fighting russian propaganda since 2015. 😇

                    • Bhaaahaaaaahaaaaaaaaaa!
                      Now if we could only find Erika’s mattress, one of Clown’s arrows, Vasyl’s microwave, Suzanna’s boots, and my wife’s kachalka, LMAO!

                    • Bring it on! Maybe Pisskopf’s trailer and Knut’s dog house as well as the 3650 empty wine bottles i consumed since i joined. Oh, and Suzanna’s whip and latex outfit!


                    • I still can’t believe it’s been 6 years. For me it all started when my wife told me I couldn’t go to Kyiv when Maidan started. Many here were already on EP or other blogs way before me. Like Murf, Neckto, Scradge, Mr. Clown (Angel), and Willam used to post his list of trolls every day…

                    • Yeah! I was already active in 2014 on Yulia’s website, but not via Disqus. It was difficult since most posts were in ukrainian and russian. Google translate at that time was a mess. Later the site was hacked and the comment section shut down. That was when i joined UAToday. My first buddy was PutinHitler, followed by Pisskopf and Clown. The girls joined in later. Actually Larisa wanted to post one comment, but the trolls insulted her so much that she joined permanently, followed by Suzanna. Was a great time!!! But i have to admit that i had no job at that time, the girls paid the bills. Now i’m very busy, except for weekends. Time flies…

                    • Yep. I must say Gizmo, and later Focusser2 had a great dry sense of humor at that time, myself as well. It all faded a bit, probably because Zelensky got elected…

                    • Its hard to be funny online. Especially when we have the tendency to be sarcastic, lol. With Russia its hard. Or like trying to be funny about ebola….;)

                  • Bad luck. Man that sounds awful. Horseflies are evil things but I did not know they carried parasites harmful to humans. The worse things that happened to me in La was the damn mosquitoes in the bayou areas.

                    • Ha! Well, not all horseflies are dangerous. But some can carry viruses (flu), while others can carry parasites. Louisiana is like a mini-Brazil, totally different to the rest of the US.

                    • Horse flies, Deer flies, wasps, black flies and mosquitoes that seem like kids drones in the Territories of Canada. Been to well sites in Alberta we had to go back to on a rainy day as the horse flies were so bad. I think the lot are evil beasties from the pits of hell.

                    • I was attacked by deer flies in Bushy Park, near Hampton Court, whilst running. They are messy eaters! There was blood everywhere; horrific! Massive lumps for days and only industrial quantities of antihistamine cleared them up.

  2. Damn good idea, they shouldn’t carry Political content whatsoever in my opinion, However I think focusser is correct, but I would love to see him eat his keyboard.

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