UN reports on human rights abuses in occupied Crimea

In particular, the report calls on Russia to fulfill its human rights obligations under international humanitarian law.

The United Nations has released a report by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on human rights abuses in the occupied Crimea. The text of the report, which will be presented on September 23 at the 74th session of the UN, is published on the official website of the organization.

The conclusions and recommendations of the UN report on the human rights situation in Crimea say that during the reporting period, the organization “failed to find a mutually acceptable formula for accessing the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Crimea”.

The report also called on Russia to fulfill all its human rights obligations under international humanitarian law.

“It is equally important to ensure an effective investigation into all allegations of ill-treatment, torture and abductions in the Crimea, and to ensure that the right to freedom of expression, peaceful assembly, association, thought, conscience and religion can be exercised by any person or group. persons in the Crimea without any discrimination on any grounds.The Government of the Russian Federation is invited to respect the right to peaceful assembly and to lift restrictions imposed on the Crimean Tatar community, including the ban on the activities of Majli in, in order to maintain its representative institutions. In addition, the Russian authorities must ensure the availability of education in Ukrainian, “- said in the conclusions and recommendations of the UN report.

As reported in the center of Moscow in Arbat, activists of the Russian initiative group “Strategy-18” held a series of solitary pickets for the occupation of Crimea and the release of Ukrainian sailors, prisoners from the “list of Sentsov”, as well as in support of the Crimean Tatars.

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  1. Does this report from the Useless Nations mention Russian non compliance with the UN resolution(72/190) from 2017? I can’t see the point of having another contribution to global warming. Just admit you are totally ineffective, and conclude the best option would be to dismember this useless organisation.

  2. The fucked up terrorist wasteland dont give a fuck and never will about rights , ask all former USSR prisoners how they lived .

  3. Cut funding for the UN and agencies that support terrorist states, by western countries that are outraged by the lack of action by an institution originally put in place to promote and maintain peace after WW2. They have become sidetracked by fluff that is not really in their mandate.

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