Ukraine becomes main wheat supplier to EU

23:50, 03 September 2019

From July 1 to Aug 25, wheat imports by European Union member states grew 11%, up to 448,000 tonnes.

Ukraine from the beginning of the 2019-2020 marketing year (MY, July 2019 – June 2020), as of Aug 25, increased wheat exports to the European Union sixfold year-on-year, to 188,800 tonnes, becoming the main supplier to the EU countries.

That’s according to Ukragroconsult consultancy, which referred to data provided by the European Commission. The report says from the beginning of 2019-2020 MY, as of Aug 25, 2019, EU countries increased imports of soft wheat from Ukraine by more than six times compared with the same period of 2018-2019 MY – from 29,700 tonnes to 188,800 tonnes.

This allowed Ukraine to become the main supplier of soft wheat to the European Union with a share of 42% in total imports, according to the press service. At the same time, experts say from the beginning of the current marketing year, as of Aug 25, the EU member states reduced purchases of soft wheat from Russia to 42,400 tonnes, while Russia’s share in total imports decreased from 32%, to almost 10%.

The consultancy says, in the period from July 1 to Aug 25, wheat imports by European Union member states grew by 11%, up to 448,000 tonnes.

As UNIAN reported earlier, in 2018-2019, Ukrainian agrarians exported 49.7 million tonnes of grains, which is a recor high over the entire history of state independence. Ukraine in 2018 increased exports of agricultural products to the EU by 8.7%, up to $6.3 billion.

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  1. Again we see new markets opening in Ukraine, while shutting down markets in Mordor. Small Ukraine now provides 10X the wheat to the EU. Ukraine remains the bread basket of Europe while Muskovia remains the pariah of Europe.

  2. The bad news is the low price the eurotrashers pay. I still don’t see phones, tv’s, washing machines, clothing, etc. made in Ukraine. What about planes and cars? Ukraine MUST aim at a South Korean style economy, not Bulgaria style. And i doubt the current president with his big mouth really has an economic concept. As a jew he could easily drag US, israeli and british investors. Where are they? So far the looting continues. Bah!

    • I would rather see fields of Wheat than fields of factories though mike.
      It would take a lot of money and time to break into the car market, Hyundai for example have only in the last few years been regarded as a mainstream manufacturer.
      Airoplanes are even more extreme, commercially Boing have got it about sewn up with Airbus running a close second, to them add Bombardier, Embraer and Fokker and thats about it in the West. Add to that that its a shrinking market unless somebody comes up with a magical way to power these things, sooner or later the tree huggers are going to stop us flying.

      It doesn’t have to be all about the Wheat though as you say mike, but its a good honest product.

      • A “mixed market economy” is the desired direction. Farming can take a huge hit if the weather does not cooperate, too wet, too dry, too hot or too cool. Rain as harvest is starting can total a years production if it lasts a couple of weeks.
        Fora strong federal economy a balanceis required of agriculture and diversified manufacturing. One thing is not to sell a major share of the highly viable Motor Sich company to China for a quick buck today. Look to the long game and for western partnerships.

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