Remember that kremtroll hack purporting to be ‘Robert K Tracey’? UATV English reveals the truth. The time is long overdue for some aggressive counter propaganda.


    • Thank you redders. They are doing a good job, but they need lots of support against the big budget kremtrolls and the western useful idiot filth that support them.
      Last night, due to the actions of a handful of fanatical Tory remainers, Britain drifted into a corridor of uncertainty that could go anywhere, including the terrifying prospect of a kremlin owned Commissar CorbLenin government propped up by Scottish Nationalists. The rodent will be jacking himself off with glee.

        • The Bartlett skank is foaming with Jew-hatred, which is a prerequisite for all kremtroll vermin. Which is why I loathe Netanyahu for sucking up to the tiny poisoner, who not only runs a nazi regime but supplies weapons and nuclear tech to Israel’s mortal enemies Iran and Syria. An Israeli supporting Russia is equivalent to those American Jews who inexplicably continue to support the Dems: a party that harbours extreme antisemites such as the vile group that call themselves ‘The Squad’.

  1. 112 was bought in 2018 by Taraz Kozak, a Medvedchuk puppet. He also owns another Ukr TB company: Zik. It is beyond stupid to allow a murderous nazi state to control your TV.

  2. How Mudchuk got control is beyond me. I guess no monopoly laws, but then the mafia excrement figure ways around that. Might be time for a lesson from Idi Amin; I think it is time for a couple of murders. Clean out the herd a bit.

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