Medvedchuk: Committee should first consider laws on ending war in Donbas

Opposition Platform – For Life Party will propose to give Donbas autonomous status

Opposition Platform – For Life Party in the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Temporarily Occupied Territories will propose to give autonomous status to Donbas. The Chairman of Opposition Platform – For Life Party, MP Viktor Medvedchuk announced this at the briefing in Verkhovna Rada on Wednesday, September 4, after the meeting of the committee.

“This is an organizational meeting and we decided on agenda with the leadership of the subcommittees’ chairmen. Because, you know, the leaders of the committee was approved at the plenary session of the Verkhovna Rada. We decided on directions of work and issues we would propose for the agenda. Opposition Platform – For Life also suggested that our resolution be included. It is a resolution that lists law that we believe are paramount to the peaceful solution and cessation of hostilities. These are issues directly related to fulfilling the agenda and political foundation of the Minsk Agreement. It is about the law on the introduction of a special status, developing and brining to consideration the law on elections on uncontrolled territories, the law on amnesty and amendments to the Constitution concerning a special status. You know that our party and our faction offer autonomous status for these territories. We will propose that this issue will find support first in the committee and then in the hall of Verkhovna Rada. We believe that this is the most important question, because the issue of peace is relevant. Therefore, we will initiate this and we will do everything to make it a subject for consideration at the meeting of this committee,” the politician said.

Medvedchuk also commented on the information that the National Security and Defense Committee was recognized as the main one.

“Yes, there was such information. I will tell you honestly, it is strange to me why the National Security and Defense Committee became the main committee for the development of laws directly related to peaceful settlement. Because the focus of this committee, as it was stated at the plenary session of the Verkhovna Rada, is Donbas. Because these are field-specific issues and we have to solve them, the question was raised this way. And the chairman of the committee proposed a decision that we supported so that this resolution is sent to our committee from the National Security and Defense Committee. Because, indeed, all these legislative acts are the specialization of our committee. And if the National Security and Defense Committee also wants to consider it or Verkhovna Rada leadership, chairman or MPs decide so, we do not oppose it, just like for many other committees related to consideration of these issues. But this is our main focus, it is a specialized committee, and we have to develop it and open the way for it to the hall of Verkhovna Rada,” Medvedchuk said

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  1. “Opposition Platform – For Life Party will propose to give Donbas autonomous status ”

    You mean Putin proposes giving Donbas autonomous status. One problem, the Minsk agreement mentions nothing whatsoever about granting Donbas any autonomous status. Maybe the Russian version does.

    • Would someone please tell this Putlerite that he only has about 10% support in Ukraine and maybe 30% support in occupied Donbas? Without 112 he wouldn’t even have half of that, yet he proposes legislation as though he has the majority.

  2. Ewe doby shiit, Muddychucker! As usual, you moskali brown trout brains get things all mixed up.
    First comes a total ceasefire. Not after you doby facks get what Tzar Pootie of Mordor wants. Then comes TOTAL WITHDRAWL of ALL weapons!
    After Ukraine gets total control over the area, an election by Ukraine Laws can be organized under the watchful eyes of international observers.
    Other things could be considered after that. Considering Pee Wee Pootie has been wiping his backside with Minsk and masterbating on it, I would consider it invalide!

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