Fewer people travel from mainland Ukraine to occupied Crimea – State Border Service

In August, more than 360 thousand people and about 60 thousand vehicles traveled from the Kherson region to the Crimea and from Crimea to mainland Ukraine.

The Azov-Black Sea Regional Department of State Border Service provided such information.

Compared to August last year, border guards record a decrease in passenger traffic in the direction of illegally annexed Crimea.

The downward trend in passenger traffic is observed throughout the current year, the department notes.

Despite the fake statements by the occupying media about the massive influx of tourists from mainland Ukraine, we inform that the vast majority of citizens cross the admiring page in order to visit relatives, as well as to draw up documents and return in the opposite direction.

Прикордонники фіксують зменшення пасажиропотоку в напрямку анексованого КримуЗа серпень 2019 року адмінмежу з…Опубліковано Азово-Чорноморське Регіональне управління ДержприкордонслужбиСереда, 4 вересня 2019 р.

At the beginning of the summer season, border guards reported that the number of Ukrainian citizens who visit the annexed peninsula had not changed compared to last year.

(c) QHA


  • Now that the Crimea has become a shithole, this does not surprise me. One day Ukraine will sell the hole to Moscovia for good…

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  • Go figure. Enviornmental pollution, possibility of food poisoning and the risk of arrest on trumped up charges, who in their right mind wants to holiday there. The Russians don’t seem to believe the guvment sales pitch of paradise either.
    If Yanukobytch had been any sort of patriot with any decent commonsense in his cranium, he would not have renewed base leases. Should have let the swamp ratz keep their scrap closer to Sochi.

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