Zelensky: no more ‘caste of untouchables’ in Ukraine society

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has said that members of the Ukrainian parliament will not hide from the law in parliament after lifting parliamentary immunity.

“When assuming the post of the president, I said: our national idea is together do impossible. Today we have received confirmation. 373 votes in favor of what was considered impossible for more than 20 years – the abolition of parliamentary immunity,” he wrote on his Facebook page, commenting the results of the vote for the abolition of parliamentary immunity on Tuesday.

Zelensky thanked the Servant of the People parliamentary faction, as well as other factions that kept the promise to their voters.

“I say thanks to the lawmakers on behalf of the Ukrainian people. Thanks to all the Ukrainians who believed our team. We today proved that we won’t let you down. We have a parliament in which the deputies will not hide from the law, and a society in which there will no longer be a “caste of untouchables,” he said.

The president said that “this is only the beginning”: “We are building a new Ukraine, do not switch!”



  1. Poor Medvedchuk is whining about the legal change in the constitution breaking constitutional law. Go to Muscovy, you can live in a lawless society, Ukraine don’t need you or your Putin trash.

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