Ukraine will not make unacceptable compromises to end war – Foreign Ministry

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has promised to end the war in Donbas as soon as possible, without making any unacceptable compromises, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko has said.

He stated this after eight-hour talks held in the Normandy format at the level of political advisers in Berlin on Monday, September 2.

“We are going to do it by the end of the year,” the diplomat said.

He said the meeting participants had discussed steps that would pave the way for the summit of the leaders of the Normandy Four countries. At the same time, according to Prystaiko, Kyiv is not going to resort to any unacceptable compromises, and all agreements will be presented to the public.

Prystaiko noted that if Ukraine had the opportunity to resolve this issue by force from the very beginning, this war would have been over and “we would not be at this stage now.” But Ukraine, as a responsible state, is still implementing these decisions that were made by the leaders in 2014, he added.

“We want to end this war, and President Zelensky explained several times that we cannot afford to stay in the current situation economically and financially for five more years. We are not going to lose a soldier every day,” Prystaiko said.

For his part, he reiterated what he had recently said to members of the Verkhovna Rada: “The war continues to severely restrain us. It kills our people. Some 14,000 people were killed and millions were left outside their homes. At least 20% of our potential and 7% of territory were stolen from us. We need to address this issue. This does not mean that we will solve it tomorrow. President Zelensky has given time to make final decisions. We are talking about the end of 2019.”

If Ukraine fails to use the Normandy format, it will look for other options, the diplomat said.

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  1. “We are going to do it by the end of the year,” the diplomat said.

    This is a very brave statement to make. The only way this war will end, is if Putin gets what he wants. I think you are going to look foolish at the end of the year, unless Zelensky throws Ukraine under the bus.

    • Zelensky should tell Putler that he has just one chance left with the (thus far useless) Normandy format. Then he will develop a new format that includes the Budapest signatories, the UNHRC, the OSCE, NATO and PACE with or without Moskali representation. Also bring in the signatories of the Montreux Convention to cancel the treaty which would allow NATO ships into the Black Sea without restrictions.

  2. Hmmm… Maybe Putin is tired of Donbas? Costs alot of money, the fireworks included… Anyway, we will see what will come out of this.

      • Yeah, but the RUS-mafia may want to make money with/in Ukraine. A territorial dispute (Crimea) may not be as damaging as an ongoing war in Donbas? I’m just guessing here. BTW, did you notice that Zelensky is almost as short as Putin? 😀

  3. Pee Wee Pootie won’t back up unless forced to. Walking back would be an admission of failure, very bad for short shit syndrome.
    I did take note of the height similarity between the two, and that Z seems to exhibit similar authoritarian issues indicative of at least some measure of short man syndrome.
    An instructor at tech school digital course was vertically challenged, so the first day he said “no short jokes”. Had to bite my tongue not to say “I am a little short on those”. Somehow made out the doorwithout comment.

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