MPs from Opposition Platform – For Life to challenge bill lifting parliamentary immunity in Constitutional Court – MP Nimchenko

MPs from the Opposition Platform – For Life parliamentary faction plan to initiate an application to the Constitutional Court of Ukraine to annul the bill amending the Constitution of Ukraine passed by the Verkhovna Rada, which liquidated immunity of parliamentarians.

After the final approval of the bill (No. 7203) amending Article 80 of the Constitution of Ukraine, which provides for the abolition of the complete immunity of lawmakers starting from 2020 (373 votes in favor), MPs from the Opposition Platform – For Life Vasyl Nimchenko, responding to the question of journalists, whether they intend to apply to the Constitutional Court, said: “We will do this… I think next week.”

He expressed his conviction that in addition to the members of the Opposition Platform – For Life faction, other MPs would also sign the appeal.

Nimchenko also predicted that by January 2020, when the immunity law comes into force, the Constitutional Court will present its decision.

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      • Nah. Seriously. Ze is doing as if he’s sorta fighting corruption an DC shit. But what if the court will anull (hope i spelled it correctly) the lifting of immunity, and the decision has already been made before the voting? I trust Ze as much as i trust Putin so far.

          • Indeed, and because this law changes the Constitution itself. Therefore it wouldn’t be against the Constitution. We were wondering how long it would take the Moskali to fight this. These were the guys that were absent during the vote and now realize their days of corruption are coming to an end.

        • Is Maxim Fadeev the pseudonym of Oliver Stone? BTW, notice how this “Ukrainian” filmmaker spells Donbas the Russian way, Donbass. Sort of gives the game away, as does the author, who has written for RT.

  1. This Russian was also one of the politicians who tried to block the law recognising Ukrainian as the state language.

  2. The Pro-Russia Party has admitted with this vote, they are corrupt criminals. Zenny can outlaw this fake party.

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