Belarus ‘tightly’ closes border with Ukraine – Lukashenko

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has said that Minsk was forced to “tightly” close the border with Ukraine due to the rushing “flow of weapons.”

He stated this at an international conference on the fight against terrorism in Minsk on Tuesday, BelTA reports.

“We had to tightly close the [Belarusian-Ukrainian] border. Even tighter than the border with the North Atlantic bloc, which has seemed to us the enemy number one for a long time. Because weapons started flowing into Belarus,” Lukashenko said.

He added that when ordinary people had weapons, terrorism should be expected.

“We don’t want weapons to get into the hands of common people, particularly with nationalistic ideas, because it will result in terrorism. And the calm country of Belarus, God forbid, can reap the fruits of it. We may get something we obviously never had reasons for,” Lukashenko noted.



  1. Uh, Lukashenko, the weapons aren’t coming from Ukraine. In Ukraine all the weapons are pointed at the Moskali in the Donbas. They are coming from Muskovy by the GRU that runs your country. Still, seal up the border so your KGB handlers don’t kidnap any more Ukrainians.

  2. How the vatniki scum like to twist things!

    The ‘public’ don’t get weapons and then all of a sudden form terrorist groups unless they are seriously pissed off with a totalitarian government that they can’t vote out because they are so corrupt. Their frustration mounts and thats when an armed struggle begins and thats what they are afraid of, not ‘terrorism’.

  3. Lukey has his own fears of a “coup” or revolution. Not to worry, weapons smugglers will get weapons in, most likely through corruption in Pootlerstan.

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