Ukraine: Joint Forces advance near Horlivka – volunteer

10:15, 02 September 2019

Ukrainian infantry forced enemy units to retreat from some of their outposts.

Ukraine’s Joint Forces have conducted a successful operation in the Donbas warzone without actually opening fire on the enemy. “Some good news came from the warzone.

Near Horlivka suburbs, our infantry forced militants to retreat from some of their outposts and withdraw to the rear. Moreover, they forced them to retreat without using any weapons, observing all ceasefire agreements,” Ukrainian volunteer Yuriy Mysiahin wrote on Facebook.

According to the volunteer, Ukrainian troops continue their intense engineering works, digging trenches and slowly advancing. It turned out that part of the enemy unexpectedly found themselves in the half-ring of Ukrainian military positions.

“Feeling that now it might get hot soon, they just grabbed their weapons and simply fled to the rear, leaving their fortified positions. I love our infantry,” Mysyahin wrote. Earlier, the National Guard of Ukraine says six people involved in illegal armed groups were detained outside the strategic Axov Sea port city of Mariupol.

(C) Unian 2019


  • Well done lads. They may one day need to push on and drive out the putinazi scum completely. But only when they are good and ready of course.

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  • англійський масон

    This is good, if it really was without firing a shot it is the best way to achieve a victory both in real terms and morally. Outmanouvre the enemy and make tehm give up is the best way to demoralise them and it leads to less resentment in the long run.

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