Crimea Invites Iran to Use Its Ports as a U.S. Sanctions Workaround

Crimea has offered Iran access to its ports as a way for Tehran to avoid Western sanctions on oil exports, a senior official in the annexed region’s Kremlin-backed administration told Russian media.

Iran is increasingly looking for alternative trade routes to skirt tensions in the Persian Gulf brought on by U.S. sanctions. The OPEC member’s crude exports have dropped by more than 80% following U.S. sanctions on its oil industry, though they have barely affected exports of oil products.

Georgy Muradov, the deputy prime minister of Crimea’s Russian-backed government, said Crimea is “sending signals” of cooperation to Iran “given the anti-Iranian policy of the United States.”

“For example, Iran could use our port facilities to transport oil,” Muradov told the state-run TASS news agency. 

“Iran can take advantage of our shipping opportunities, river-sea canals and transport oil over the Volga-Don canal, via Crimea, to the Black Sea,” Muradov said in an interview published last Tuesday.

Crimean officials had offered Iranian businesses to begin trading with them in April, bne IntelliNews reported. Muradov told TASS on Tuesday that while some Iranian businessmen have expressed interest in establishing a foothold on the peninsula, Crimea “has not seen active steps being taken by the Iranian side.”

The U.S. has ramped up sanctions to pressure and isolate Tehran after pulling out of a nuclear deal with Iran aimed at blocking its path to a nuclear bomb last year. 

(c) The Moscow Times


  1. Yet another hare-brained scheme from the Moskali. They need to look at the map again. Just how will Iran bypass sanctions? They would still need to cross the Black Sea to supply fellow terrorists in Syria, and any tankers would be arrested soon as they left the Bosphorus.

  2. Ok then. The Iranian regime is a terror gang masquerading as a government. Exactly like its close ally: putlerstan. But oddly enough, although Trumpkov loves the tiny poisoner and the Korean fat kid, he does not like Iran. So maybe this might make him finally get a focus on some more crippling sanctions? It’s a shot, but you never know!

  3. Problems with Iran go back a number of years. Iran elected a government, democratically, that made Iran’s oil reserves property of Iran. At that time the Brits were the main companies exploiting the oil reserves there. Iran said they would give the Brits access to the oil, but retained ownership. Basically you extract it and pay us a royalty for it. The Brits didnot think that was fair so organized a coup attempt which failed. Then the Brits involved the US CIA, who successfully pulled off the coup. The Brits and Yankees did not realise the devils they had let out of the bag, and Iran has essentially been a shithole fundamental islamist cult base since.
    Then the US took the lid off the pot in Iraq, but did not continue on to Baghdad to assist the Iraqi forces to arrest Saddam. Totally huge fackup mistake! When you have a cockroach infestation, you don’t go about stomping on the ones you can see and catch in the open. You call the exterminator and have all of them wiped out.

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