ECHR to consider lawsuit of Ukraine against Russia on human rights violations in Crimea

On September 11, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) will consider an interstate case in a lawsuit filed by Ukraine against Russia regarding violations side of human rights in illegally annexed Crimea by the Russian.

The press service of the ECHR reported about the hearing being scheduled, as cited by Ukrinform.

Among the violations of articles of the European Convention, the plaintiff points to cases of murders of a Ukrainian military serviceman, law enforcement officers and civilians – which are all linked with Russia.

Moreover, cases of torture and arbitrary deprivation of liberty of civilians and Ukrainian military personnel are mentioned as well.

The Ukrainian side also points to the unlawful automatic granting of Russian citizenship to Ukrainian residents of the Crimea.

In a lawsuit dated March 13, 2014, Kyiv provided the ECHR with evidence of intimidation of journalists in Crimea, the use of violence, and intimidation of Ukrainian clergymen, as well as Crimean Tatars.

In January 2019, Ukraine also filed an application with the ECHR regarding the capture of Ukrainian sailors from the Strait of Kerch in November 2018 by Russia. According to Deputy Minister of Justice Ivan Lishchina, then the Russian security forces violated five articles of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.

On June 12, the European Court of Human Rights ordered the Russian Federation to urgently place Edem Bekirov in a hospital. According to Rule 39 of the ECHR regulation, which was applied to the political prisoner, the Russian authorities are obliged to immediately place him in a non-prison type hospital.

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  • Muscovy didn’t implement the 2017 resolution made by the UN regarding human rights in Crimea. So I very much doubt they will take notice of anything this useless organisation comes up with.

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  • Let me see, hmmm. Seems the outcome is looking like 20 tonnes of CO2 emissions. That is only from the deliberations, then there is autos to get there for months.

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